Wednesday, July 19, 2006

It's knitting mishap week here at Chez Autumn.

I am this close to being done with a Clapotis in Knit Picks Shimmer. There are just a few more decrease rows to go, but I came to the end of my third skein (held doubled) and now have to wind a fourth into a ball to finish the last teensy bit. I have a ball winder, so it shouldn't be an issue...but...I don't have a swift. Keeping laceweight from tangling while winding without a swift is such a pain that I tossed the Clapotis on the knitting mess table (a sure sign of doom).

My very first sock (scroll down under "more projects"), other than one practice baby sock, is on needles that aren't pointy and has one cable crossed the wrong way and one I forgot to cr
oss. (It's also my very first cabling project, finally.) The yarn is lovely though! It's dark now or I'd take a picture to show how pretty it is knit up.

The yarn for my mom's shawl arrived this week, looking nothing like the color on my monitor of course. Where this looks like blue-greens and violets? I have olives and browns.

And then there is the Lotus Blossom Tank (the one on the cover). I'm using SWTC Bamboo, which is odd because I rarely use the yarn specified in a pattern. My gauge is almost right on, but I decided my almost was good because it would make my tank slightly longer and slightly narrower, both good things since I'm about as big around as the needles I'm knitting with and I just think this top would look better with a bit more length. Attempt number one: one stitch too many, somehow, which I figured out on row 6. Rip. Attempt number two: somehow, somehow, my cast on got twisted before I joined it! Even worse, I didn't notice it until row 7. This has never, ever happened to me before, not even as a very beginner knitter! (I've been knitting for more than a year and a half now and consider myself somewhere around intermediate. It just doesn't look that way this week. Ahem.) I didn't have the heart to rip it last night, and tossed it with the Clapotis on the messy knitting table of doom.

The one project going well is lovely little Perdita:

Don't mind the unblocked state of the lace. I happened to have all the materials on hand to make these bracelets, so I copied the chart for the Lily of the Valley into my journal and took it on our weekend trip. I'm really enjoying knitting with the pearl cotton, too. It's so smooth and shiny. I can't wait until this one is done. I think I wish my beads were white or pearly instead of clear, but I just decided to use what I had on hand. Those are size US 1 dpns, like the pattern calls for. Actually, I did buy the needles for this since my sock was already on my only set of 1's. My LYS began stocking a new brand of needles, KA bamboo needles, so I decided to try them and I'm very happy! They are lightweight and warm, which is why I almost always use bamboo or hardwood needles, plus the finish is very smooth and the tips very pointy! Infinitely better than the Brittany dpns my sock is on, so once Perdita is finished I'll swap them. I also bought a US 6 circular, and I think it is far superior to both Clover Takumi and Crystal Palace circs. They cost about the same as Clover Takumi needles and are officially my new favorites.

Sigh. Mishaps, mishaps.

What is Everyday Autumn?

Every year in the fall I get energized. I want to make things, write things, cook, and bake. I start lighting candles and brewing tea. I have a million new ideas. I research, plan, scheme, and do. I learn new crafts and skills. But why just in the autumn? I want to bring more of my autumn self into my life every day, and here is where I will share it all.

Most of my creative time these days is taken up with knitting, but my intention is not to make this only a knitblog or fiberblog (although I do also crochet and recently decided to re-learn to spin). I keep paper journals, both written and visual, dabble in bookbinding and paper arts and am a general maker of things. I read and sometimes I write. I'm also a full time working mom, a wife, and a graduate student. (Could I have a few more hours in the day, please?) All of this is Everyday Autumn.