Wednesday, July 19, 2006

What is Everyday Autumn?

Every year in the fall I get energized. I want to make things, write things, cook, and bake. I start lighting candles and brewing tea. I have a million new ideas. I research, plan, scheme, and do. I learn new crafts and skills. But why just in the autumn? I want to bring more of my autumn self into my life every day, and here is where I will share it all.

Most of my creative time these days is taken up with knitting, but my intention is not to make this only a knitblog or fiberblog (although I do also crochet and recently decided to re-learn to spin). I keep paper journals, both written and visual, dabble in bookbinding and paper arts and am a general maker of things. I read and sometimes I write. I'm also a full time working mom, a wife, and a graduate student. (Could I have a few more hours in the day, please?) All of this is Everyday Autumn.


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