Monday, January 29, 2007

I've been trying to get up early. I never have been a morning person, but lately I've found that taking 10 or 15 minutes while my coffee brews to read a little bit or knit a couple rounds of a sock makes me feel better about starting my day. A week ago I found this on the Booksense bestsellers shelf in the campus bookstore:

The Intellectual Devotional

The book is set up like a traditional religious devotional, with a one-page reading each day for a year. The difference is that it is entirely secular and covers a different area of knowledge for each day of the week. So far I've read about the history of the alphabet, James Joyce's Ulysses, the cave art of Lascaux, cloning, and the Torah, among other things. Each topic is presented simply and at a reading level about equivalent to a newspaper. The point is not to make you an expert, but to give you the basic information about a wide range of subjects and hopefully inspire you to look further on your own. I love the idea. My interests are wide-ranging and I am curious about so many things. My undergraduate and graduate degrees are both interdisciplinary, and I have so many things I want to read about further. This, combined with an almost photographic memory, makes me really good at Trivial Pursuit even though it doesn't prepare me for any sort of specialized career. Oh well. I enjoy my dilettantism.

My knitting projects are all sitting in time out right now. They've been misbehaving. I can't seem to get a ball of Tahki New Tweed to become an armwarmer for my husband, who requested elbow-length green ones. The sweater can't decide if it is 36 cm or 40 cm long. And the sock is slightly too big around the ankle. I discovered that I've lost my favorite Silk Garden scarf, so I contemplated scarf patterns all weekend and decided that the next one will be natural wool to complement my new seafoam green trench coat.

I read the latest Cloth Paper Scissors and Quilting Arts magazines last night, and wow am I inspired to do monoprint paper quilts! I came up with three subjects within an hour of reading that article. I'm hoping to work a bit more on my Lab555 iconography assignment tonight, and get a few overdue ATC's done. I decided on Saturday that I need to embroider some of them, so I need to inventory the floss and pearl cotton stashes to see if I have the colors I need. I also want to make a wee zippered bag to carry those pesky girly products from my office to the ladies' room down the hall. I might need a craft store run this week!

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