Friday, March 30, 2007

Socks socks socks!

That's all I want to knit anymore, which is funny for two reasons: 1) I usually hate wearing socks. I'm the girl barefoot in ballerina flats in January. And 2) My socks come out far from perfect, every time. But, still. They're challenging and satisfying to knit, and I do like to insulate myself from the tile floor from time to time. And so. Another skein of Socks that Rock made its way home with me last night:

This is the lightweight in Carbon Dating, which isn't on the website anymore. My LYS had a lot of older colors, and some really pretty ones. It's hard to resist going back for a couple more! I cast on a Monkey (Winter 07 Knitty - do I really need to link it?) last night, and after getting through the ribbing and one repeat found that it was too big and pooling terribly. This photo is attempt number two on US 0 Inox dpns, rather than the US 1 KA bamboos that I favor. In the photo I'm trying unsuccessfully to show that I think it's going to pool again. One side is all blue; the other side is all the other colors. Pooling and flashing in handpainted yarns is one of my biggest knitting pet peeves. I don't know if I just lucked out with my first STR, but I didn't have any problems that time and didn't expect any this time.

This is Tropicana from Magknits, STR medium weight in Highway 30. I'm standing on an annoying flyer left on my front porch in this picture. It's the only photo I have of them. Just after taking this one I moved out to the exposed part of the porch for better light, but my neighbor drove up just then, and I got a little embarrassed - crazy girl, taking pictures of her feet and wearing kiddie barrettes while her barefoot and jacketless toddler does her best to escape into the yard - I thought better of it and we went inside. They probably already think I'm a bit odd, and this would send the opinion from "odd" to "weirdo." The socks are pretty though, yes?

And here, finally, is my too-small Wyvern:

The foot was absolutely perfect. I was overjoyed with how perfectly this sock fit me - the toe, the heel, the clinginess without being tight. Loved it. So off I went up the ankle as quickly as I could, and lo, the ankle is so tight I can't get the thing on any farther than this. And I've got some skinny feet. Apologies for the blur and the... oddness, I guess, of this shot. It was hard to figure out how to photograph the entire sock while also showing that it doesn't fit, and I was doing some silly contortionist move and trying to keep my balance. It entertained Mina, at least.

I still have one side and sleeve to seam on her sweater. She wore it around all day today anyway though, one side how it should be and the other unseamed and flapping open. No matter where I put this thing she finds it and asks to wear it, silly girl. It will be ready for her when she gets up in the morning.

Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Working on Mina's sweater again, from the cover of Special Knits:

She took to wearing the unfinished body like a shawl; I figured I could at least give her a completed sweater.

Looked through Stefanie Japel's Fitted Knits in the campus bookstore.

There are at least five sweaters I am dying to knit.

Today, I love this yarn:

I think it would make a perfect spring replacement for my favorite Silk Garden scarf, which, sadly, is lost forever. I used a stitch pattern described somewhere on the blog. My bookmark no longer works and I can't find it, but basically it's a stretchy diagonal mesh.

My Wyvern sock fits perfectly in the foot but is so tight in the ankle I can barely get it on. I went with the non-ribbed version and now I must rip.

I finished the back of the Rebecca sweater. Knitting an identical front isn't inspiring me, and the needle I need is tied up in Mina's sweater at the moment.

Today I need to find the spring Vogue Knitting and a set of US5 dpns. Plus a birthday cake and a gift book.

Friday, March 09, 2007

Shawl suggestions for a fellow Northwest girl:

Mountain Peaks by Mim Smith, to evoke our towering mountain ranges.

Shoalwater Shawl by Fiber Trends, reminiscent of our rivers and bays.

Both are lovely.

Thursday, March 08, 2007

finished Perdita
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I finally sewed buttons onto my finished Perdita (pattern in the Summer '06 Knitty), after letting it languish on a shelf for about six months (lazy, me?). It's too big for me and the loops and buttons don't work well together, so it keeps popping open. Pretty though. Next time I'll go down to size US0 needles and figure out a different closure.

I've been really slacking on finishing anything and about posting anything. We had a death in my husband's family recently, and everything else takes a backseat to being there for him. When I can, I have been working on this lovely sock in Colinette Jitterbug, which I am loving. I know a lot of people have been concerned about yardage with the Jitterbug, which is why I chose a toe up pattern. I've just started the ankle (sorry, no picture yet - I need daylight for that) and I'm not concerned at all anymore. I divided the skein into two balls before I began, and one seemed a little smaller than the other so I started with that, figuring I'd knit until I ran out of yarn in the smaller ball and that way be certain that I'd get two full socks. I think these will be nice and tall, not anklets at all. I'm knitting on 2.25mm needles (US1, usually) so the gauge is a little tight, but I like socks better that way. I think the ball band recommends a 2.75mm needle. I wear a size 7 shoe and my ankles and feet are thin. Plus I like my socks clingy, so if you have larger feet or like your socks looser you might still be concerned about yardage. For me though, this yarn is perfect. Also perfect? The short row heel! I had read a lot of opinions about sock construction, and it seemed like most people really preferred a heel flap over a short row heel for fit reasons. I guess I am exactly the opposite. The top down socks I've made with heel flaps never fit right and go sliding every which way, but this heel makes me all fluttery with sock happiness, it is so perfect! I can hardly take the sock off to keep working on it. This makes me so excited for this pattern to come out, since it is the same designer and also toe up construction. How sexy are those thigh highs!?!

Hedera mistake
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Hedera, in Gems Pearl crabapple blossom. That safety pin is holding a dropped stitch I found just before the photo was taken. I'm not quite sure how I did that, since my stitch count is fine and the lace pattern looks fine (unlike the heel, as you can see). I decided to just finish it and then figure out what to do with that stitch. It just needs the toe kitchenered now, and the second one needs to be started. I don't feel like it. I was really tired of that lace pattern, bored with the yarn, and the whole sock is slightly too loose, though not unwearable. I told myself I would knit the second one during the next phase of Project Spectrum when the color goes along with the theme. (That blur at the left is a toddler hand about to swipe the sock.)