Thursday, March 08, 2007

finished Perdita
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I finally sewed buttons onto my finished Perdita (pattern in the Summer '06 Knitty), after letting it languish on a shelf for about six months (lazy, me?). It's too big for me and the loops and buttons don't work well together, so it keeps popping open. Pretty though. Next time I'll go down to size US0 needles and figure out a different closure.

I've been really slacking on finishing anything and about posting anything. We had a death in my husband's family recently, and everything else takes a backseat to being there for him. When I can, I have been working on this lovely sock in Colinette Jitterbug, which I am loving. I know a lot of people have been concerned about yardage with the Jitterbug, which is why I chose a toe up pattern. I've just started the ankle (sorry, no picture yet - I need daylight for that) and I'm not concerned at all anymore. I divided the skein into two balls before I began, and one seemed a little smaller than the other so I started with that, figuring I'd knit until I ran out of yarn in the smaller ball and that way be certain that I'd get two full socks. I think these will be nice and tall, not anklets at all. I'm knitting on 2.25mm needles (US1, usually) so the gauge is a little tight, but I like socks better that way. I think the ball band recommends a 2.75mm needle. I wear a size 7 shoe and my ankles and feet are thin. Plus I like my socks clingy, so if you have larger feet or like your socks looser you might still be concerned about yardage. For me though, this yarn is perfect. Also perfect? The short row heel! I had read a lot of opinions about sock construction, and it seemed like most people really preferred a heel flap over a short row heel for fit reasons. I guess I am exactly the opposite. The top down socks I've made with heel flaps never fit right and go sliding every which way, but this heel makes me all fluttery with sock happiness, it is so perfect! I can hardly take the sock off to keep working on it. This makes me so excited for this pattern to come out, since it is the same designer and also toe up construction. How sexy are those thigh highs!?!

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