Friday, April 13, 2007

A couple of sock half-FO's!

On the left we have Hedera, in Louet Gems Pearl in crabapple blossom, knit on US1 KA Bamboo dpns, and on the right we have Wyvern by Marnie Maclean, in Colinette Jitterbug in marble, foot on US1 dpns and leg on US2 dpns. After the last photo of the two-small Wyvern, I ripped it back to one repeat after the heel and switched to bigger needles. The pattern directs you to go up a size for the top couple of repeats, but I found that I needed to change much sooner than that. It's still a little tight getting it on, but it works, and will probably stretch a bit. I hope so, because look at this:

I love how this short row heel fits, but the stress on the stitches here makes me really nervous. My handknit socks don't get a whole lot of wear, so it should be fine, but still. I need to perfect my heel skills apparently.

Hedera looks pretty good now that it's finished and the dropped stitch is safely attached, even though my twisted rib is a bit messy. It's slightly too large though, and pretty loose in the leg. I'll reassess when both are done, but the pair may end up gifted to my sister who wears one shoe size larger than I do. (Shhh, don't tell. MJ, if you are reading this, pretend you didn't!) I haven't cast on the mate for either sock. I think I'll do the second Wyvern first, out of pure laziness - that yarn is wound into a ball already. It was also a quicker knit.

Still no acceptable, non-pooling pattern for my Carbon Dating, so that yarn is nestled into the stash for a little while, because two newer, shinier (in one case literally!) skeins have arrived from my Lime & Violet yarn pR0n pal!

The yarn here is a skein of merino/tencel Socks That Shine from Socks that Fit, and it is so shiny and soft! The fluffy sheep was a gift for my girlie. She also got some weebles, which she was pretty excited about and has them so mixed in with her other toys that they were MIA at photo shoot time. There was also a sweet little vase that I dropped (oh no!) as I was setting things up for the picture. Sorry Ansley! I am a clutz! My super pal also sent a gift certificate for Blue Moon Fiber Arts, and my gorgeous skein of Puck's Mischief arrived yesterday! These two are making it really hard to finish the two pairs of socks I've got in progress - I just want to cast on something with the new yarn!

I also won Britt's blog contest! She sent me a couple of skeins of Cascade Sassy Stripes that I think will make great Jaywalkers, and some stitch markers that were so pretty the girlie couldn't keep her hands off of them long enough for me to snap a photo. I can't wait to see the shawl I suggested for her.

I have more FO's to show off this weekend, as well as a photo of the chevron scarf that I have been knitting on obsessively the last few nights just to watch the colors change. Hopefully I'll be finally finishing those long overdue ATC's as well and sending them off on their way back to their owners. I'm going to miss the April meeting though, so I'd have to finish them by early Sunday morning and give them to my aunt before I leave town for a very important birthday party for a very sweet girl. We'll see.


pigbook1 said...

I hope you enjoy the yarn! I am sorry that I am so slow at getting you the prize :-( but Enjoy!

The Twisted Knitster said...

I love the short row heels! They feel soooo comfy, but I have such high insteps that I tend to shy away from them. Plus - I love the look of a gusset!