Saturday, April 21, 2007

Wow, look at all this!

Another box came from my awesome L&V secret pal! We have laceweight tencel yarns from MCY in Pebble Beach and from Just Our Yarn in Aziza, plus a bunch of mini sample skeins of gorgeous Fiesta yarns; BPAL full vials (!) of Kali and Eos and imps of Penny Dreadful, Arcana, Loviatar, and Bess; patterns for Sarcelle and Spring Things shawl, and lotsa chocolate!

Let's look at the yarn a little closer:

Pretty, yes? Not surprisingly, the MCY yarn arrived in a somewhat unexpected color, although it feels nice and the quality appears to be fine. It almost makes me like orange. My pal suggested overdyeing it, which I think I just might try. A nice pinky coral would suit it well, I think, and would make a nice Sarcelle. The J.O.Y. is luscious - it's almost exactly like pearl cotton (except for being tencel), and I LOVE pearl cotton. I think I want to wait on the Spring Things shawl pattern though - it's a little more involved than I want to get myself into right now, and I think I would really like it in either mohair or alpaca. I'm looking for something simple for the Aziza, something light and summery, knittable while keeping one (or both) eyes on the toddler, and that will show the variegation to best advantage. Maybe something that would look just as good tied around my waist as draped about my shoulders. I'm driving myself mildly batty with the pattern searching.

The yarn is irresistible, you see.

In the meantime, I still have both of these scarves on the needles:

I so wish I could photograph the true amazing tealness to be found in the yarns I am using for the chevron scarf. In this photo, what looks like navy on my monitor is royal purple, and the blues are actually shades of teal, turquoise, and aqua, gorgous enough to mesmerize me.

There is also the second Wyvern, which is really such a quick-knitting sock that I did all of this but the short row toe in one evening:

Ready to turn the heel now, and then switch to size 2's and the leg will go even faster than the foot. Funny how I got so into blue and white during the first two months of Project Spectrum, I can't get away from those colors.

Except for this little purchase today, for which I do have a pattern in mind. It's driving me to distraction, and might have to be pushed to the top of the list:

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PinkPorcupine said...

Yay! I'm so glad you like it all! Looks like Mina likes the JOY, at least!!