Wednesday, May 16, 2007

I don't have any knitting progress to show from the last week. None at all. I have started and subsequently ripped at least five socks using three different yarns. Last night I knit the cuff edging of the Waving Lace Sock from the cover of Favorite Socks. It seems a tad big, but I think it's close enough so I'll keep going. And for a mindless sock, since I feel like I always need to have one, I'll just do my second Hedera, since that needs to be done anyway.

I've finally discovered my problem in all this ripping. I knit so incredibly loosely with fine gauge yarns that I have to go down to insane needle sizes to get gauge most of the time. I made a surprise trip into the walking distance LYS last week - the girlie and I went out for a stroll after work and found that it was "Ladies Night" in the business district of my neighborhood, and there were pink bras spray painted all over the sidewalks. The newsstand gave me a coupon for chocolate (they import some amazing stuff!) when I went in to get my magazines, and then I saw the pink balloons flying in front of the yarn shop. A beacon! They weren't having a Ladies Night sale, but I found this anyway:

It's Schaefer Anne, in lovely springtime colors. I wound it almost immediately after getting home and cast on for Roza's Socks from the Spring IK. And almost immediately realized my problem. Gauge. Too. Loose. I would have to go down to at least 00 needles to knit socks with Schaefer Anne. Maybe even 000, if I wanted the soles to be soft and durable. So, this skein may be headed for yet another scarf. I haven't fully decided - I really want socks made with this yarn! I have another skein of Anne in the stash, in more autumnal greens and burgundies. I don't know what to do. They're both so lovely.

There has been other stash enhancement, but I will wait to divulge until I have photos to go along with. Let's just say - whole store 20% off, and Colinette Jitterbug (mis)priced ridiculously low. Hmmm.


PinkPorcupine said...

I love the Anne! Gorgeous colors, definitely something that I would have picked up, too! Do you knit english or continental? Maybe switching would help with your gauge issue?

Knitting Bandit said...

Pretty Anne. I bought a gorgeous color of Anne that I couldn't resisit and was so surprised when I swatched it by just how fine it is. Too fine for me to knit socks! Mine is waiting too...somewhere out there, there's a perfect pattern for it!