Friday, May 25, 2007

I finally got up the courage to do it, to say goodbye, to just let it go.

This was the Sunkist sweater, a free pattern by Through the Loops. The yarn was special; it was birthday yarn, purchased myself, at the LYS, for full price (I never do that, not in sweater quantities). I loved the feel of the Araucania Nature Cotton, and loved how quickly it knit up. So quickly, that the sweater got this big before I noticed that it was too big. This was supposed to be my first sweater larger than baby size, and yes, it was larger! Sunkist is designed with negative ease, and the pattern is written for size 36" only. I have a 32" bust, which meant I was sort of winging it, and supposedly sizing this thing down by quite a lot. Ha. Guess not. Besides that, I realized as I was almost done with that sleeve, that there is no sleeve shaping, and it was a huge baggy tube flopping around under my arm when I tried it on. I still think the pattern is so cute. My attempt didn't cut it, though.

That's ok. I have now reclaimed all five balls of this deliciously soft and cool yarn, and I have much better plans for it. Much! I'm hoping to start tonight - I'm craving a quick knit. I don't have anything going on larger than size 3 needles right now. Oh wait. Except for the cable and lace scarf/shawl/wrap that right now is just half a scarf. But it's almost summer! Bring on the cotton.

It's going to be a colorful, cottony weekend.


GoldieLocs said...

I've had to frog things before, but just little things like socks. That's a lot of sweater, but if it doesn't fit...

Such a beautiful combination of colors in the cotton. Pretty!!!

BalletMommy said...

Frogging is sad but satisfying.'ve been tagged. Check my blog for details.