Tuesday, May 08, 2007

I missed Quidditch! Sorry Ravenclaw House! I've learned that Google Reader doesn't always show when an old post gets updated. I'm marking my calendar for the next round though.

I wanted to take some progress photos for two projects last night, but grocery shopping, grilling veggies, and running around the yard with the girlie took priority and suddenly there was no more daylight. I also have a lot of old FO's I'd like to show off somewhere. I'm not sure how to make a gallery for this blog, so I'm anxiously awaiting the opening of Ravelry. I've put my name on the list, but who knows how long it will be. I did that with Vox before it officially opened too, when I was trying to decide where I wanted my blog hosted, and they let me in much more quickly than I expected. Let's hope this works the same!

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Channon said...

I missed the first round of Quidditch too... Pout!