Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Meet the sock yarn that does not wish me to make it into a sock! It's the STR lightweight in Carbon Dating that I showed off a couple of posts ago. I had tried starting top down on both US 0 and US 1 dpns, and it pooled like crazy. I decided to go toe up and chose the Anastasia socks from Pepperknit.

I was sent to a training in Seattle today, along with a van full of my co-workers. They picked me up at the ungodly time of 6:40 a.m. and as soon as I had ingested enough coffee to see straight I spent the drive working on my new sock. With about 20 minutes of commute time left, I found I'd made a mistake - my eyelets were suddenly one stitch off and I and needed to rip back four rounds. I waited until lunch break, fixed it, then continued to knit under the table to keep myself awake through the afternoon session, including tinking a round to fix another mistake. During the late afternoon break, I slipped my shoe off under the desk and tried it on. Uh oh.

I. Got. Gauge. I swear it! I'm knitting at exactly 8st/inch in stockinette on size 0's, and the requisite 60 stitches are on the needles. That should be 7.5 inches. This sock is supposed to fit a medium woman's foot with negative ease. My feet are narrow - 7.75 inches around the widest part, but that isn't so freakishly thin that I can fit two of them in a standard sock. This thing is huge! I don't understand. Maybe Ansley's statistical anomaly sock is contagious!

Things I learned today: gauge lies. Raindrops, when you are 25 floors above the ground, really are round, not drop shaped, and the wind can blow them around totally haphazardly. Sometimes they go up. And, when really tired and bored, I can be giddily amused by Department of Education training materials when they use names from Pride and Prejudice for their example student and institution names. (It just really bugs me that whoever wrote that used Wickham as a place name, even though the connotation is a bit comical. "Lydia transferred to Wickham College...") And, finally - always pack two knitting projects. At least I had my chevron scarf for the ride home!


PinkPorcupine said...

Geet ooowt of ma heed!!! I gave up on the RSC pattern, and I'm knitting....wait for it...Anastasia. Frightening, no?

Knitting Bandit said...

Not to further slander the good name of "I. Got.Gauge." But I, also, have first hand knowledge that it DOES lie.