Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Tagged again! Thanks, BalletMommy! I answered the Seven Random Things meme the week before last, but it was sort of buried under the HSKS trivia in the same post, right here.

So, I didn't actually drag out the sewing machine over the weekend like I had planned. The girlie and I did make a trip to the fabric store and came home with all kinds of things for summer skirts and dresses for her, plus more fabric for bags and a few fat quarters with no specific plans yet. I also set to work with all that newly-frogged Nature Cotton, and completed Mina's half of the project on Saturday. Oh, it's cute! I have to stop at the LYS tonight and get a size 11 24" circ for my half, and then I'll show both of them when I finish. I got a lot of cleaning done over the weekend (the house desperately needed it!), started weeding one of the front flowerbeds, and found some quiet time during Mina's nap on Monday afternoon to sit in the sun on my front porch and do a few rows on Kiri. She is growing slowly. This is definitely a long-term WIP for me, unlike Saturday's almost instant FO. (If you really want to know before I officially reveal it, you could find out by checking my stash spreadsheet. Teehee!) Oh, I also cast on my second Hedera last night. I think that makes five or six active WIP's, plus four or five inactive ones. Sheesh.

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