Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Lolly beat me to posting these, but last week I created this little mosaic of some new knitting patterns (and designer knitwear) that are inspiring me for fall:

It looks like we chose the same Norah Gaughn patterns that Berocco recently previewed. (If you click over to Flickr the mosaic has notes/credits.) I am especially excited about the Justina skirt, and I've already been looking for some yarn possibilities. I'm going to have to size it down slightly, but it doesn't look like that should be too much trouble. I'm also really liking Unmentionables from the summer Knitty, except if I knit it, I would size it down (for my apparently freaky-small hip size - I don't think I'm really unusually-sized, but knitwear designers obviously don't think people come as small as me) and knit it from the top down as a skirt rather than bloomers. The bloomers idea is cute, but I don't think I'd actually wear it. As a skirt though, this pattern has a lot of potential. I love the ruffle. I like a couple of the sock patterns in this new Knitty as well, but am kind of feeling "meh" about the tops. Most of them are not sized properly for me (I tend to fall precisely in between the XS and S), and they aren't fabulous enough that I'd want to do the math to resize them. I have the yarn in my stash for Coachella and wouldn't have to resize that one, but I'm not sure I'd wear it. I have enough in my queue anyway!

Speaking of queues, I got into Ravelry last week. It was a 4.5 week wait from the time I added my name to the list until I got the invite last Monday. I hear that there is some bitterness out in blogland about the wait time and the belief that only the "cool kids" are being invited. Here is a letter that should explain clearly that this isn't the case. If you are waiting, I sympathize; I know it's hard. It is true though that Ravelry is still in beta - it really is not ready to handle everyone who wants in quite yet. The site so far is fabulous, just as everyone else keeps saying. I am boggled at how much they have done and just how much this site can do - all for free. While you wait, you can watch the news feed, and my biggest, best suggestion is to make sure you have a Flickr account and start taking photos of your stash and projects. I wish I had been working on that while I was waiting because it's going to take forever. Without all the photos, my notebook looks pretty boring. (And I only have a fraction of my stash listed so far, photos or not.) Anyway, the wait is most definitely worth it. Playing around there has grown my queue exponentially!

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Lolly said...

Nice to see we have the same style! and I love those Drops patterns - thanks for pointing them out!