Friday, June 29, 2007

Ravelry = time suck.

I completely lost track of the fact that I haven't posted in two weeks. I feel like I've been spending tons of time online in knitting-related pursuits, and I have. I guess I just haven't found time to blog in there. About two weeks ago, in a fit of boredom (or perhaps insanity), I volunteered to be a blog reader for this year's
Summer of Socks. That in itself should be no big deal, right? I just wait for emails from my 30 bloggers and write up a weekly report on their progress to go on the SOS blog. It's fun really. Well, on the same day, I also volunteered to be a yarn and pattern editor on Ravelry, which involves checking all the information on my adopted patterns and yarns, making any corrections, reporting duplicates, and entering missing information. I love it. Really, for some inexplicable reason, I love doing this kind of thing. But wow, it takes a lot of time! (Maybe because I adopted so much stuff...hmm.)

I've found some actual knitting time as well. I finished the chevron scarf, finally. It needs to block still, so I don't have a photo yet, but it looks good. I was so sick of knitting it, when I tried it on and saw that the ends fell past my waist (barely) with it wrapped once, I said "done!" and finished it off. There is so much yarn left over that I could probably get a pair of mismatched or striped toddler socks out of it, but I'm so sick of that yarn that I buried it in a stash basket where I couldn't see it anymore. It's pretty, but not my favorite thing to knit with.

I'm almost done with the cuff of my second Hedera, but again, I'm not in love with the yarn. It's Louet Gems Pearl, (which I believe the dyer of my chevron scarf yarn uses as her base, so it's pretty much the same thing) and it just gets so twisted up on itself when I use it that I am constantly in a tangle. I prefer a squishier yarn with a tighter twist, I've learned. My waving lace sock is hibernating for a little while. I like both the yarn and pattern fine, I just have so many things going. Which is of course why I started yet another sock. Hey, Summer of Socks, right? I had to cast on a new one on the first day. This one is the On Your Toes socks pattern from the summer IK, using what I think may be my favorite sock yarn, Colinette Jitterbug. I learned a Turkish or Eastern cast on for this, which, once I figured it out, went faster than a short row toe with provisional cast on, and I think it will fit just as well. I'm making the knee socks. My secret source sells Jitterbug for under $13 per skein (regular price, before the 25% sale even!), so how could I not?! (The secret source is unfortunately closing at the end of August and last I checked only had three skeins of Jitterbug left. I'm still not giving it away though.)

So with all of these socks, plus Kiri still staring at me, what do I do but cast on a sweater? Of course! Actually, I was bad, bad and stashed yarn for three! The one I've already cast on is from a Vogue Knitting from a couple of years ago, and I can't find a picture at the moment. It's a short sleeved cross-front top that's nice and drapey. I'm not using the expensive and impractical silk the pattern calls for, but instead got some King Tut mercerized cotton, which is still nice and shiny and drapey. I also got a bag of RYC Cashsoft Aran from Elann for a great price (project to be determined), and some Dream in Color Classy worsted weight (from my secret source at 25% off) for an Hourglass sweater. I chose the Wisterious colorway, which I wasn't completely sure about in the skein but after swatching I am in total love. Phew! After all that, commence yarn diet! Actually, I did math incorrectly in my head (no surprise there) and I have to go back for another skein of the Dream in Color because I'm 50 yards short. Or so. From what I've seen on Ravelry, a lot of people recommend buying extra yarn for this pattern. So, another 250 yard skein will be plenty.

No, I have no knitting photos today. The camera batteries died right after I snapped a few for Ravelry, so I can't show you anything until it charges. Except for this.

No, it isn't yarn! I do some non-knitting things too. These are some ATC's for a swap. The backgrounds were each done by a different person and I did the embellishment. Each card gets returned to the background maker. It was a wonderful idea, but a huge challenge for me. These are just six of the fourteen cards I needed to do. The others aren't done yet, and they are long, long overdue. I had a really hard time with backgrounds that were either very different from my own style or that were so lovely and textured that they seemed done already. I also am very, very sllloooooooow when it comes to this kind of thing. I'll stare at one ATC for a week or so before deciding what to do with it. Good thing I don't support myself with art.

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