Friday, August 17, 2007

happy birthday to me

...well, a day late, anyway. But, with the two and a half hours spent waiting at the DMV, three hours in traffic around Seattle, dinner with the in-laws and the free hotel reservation falling through, it didn't feel much like a birthday. I was happy to crash on an air mattress at my sister's late last night, and wake up to a better day today. Mina and I drove J to the airport at 7:30 this morning to make his flight to New York. He was given a free ticket and took the opportunity to have a solo weekend exploring. He offered to make one knitting-related stop while he is there to get me a birthday present, so I am sending him to Habu Textiles. I'm jealous! At least I get surprise yarn out of it - I told him to pick out whatever he wanted, I'd be happy with any of it.

So far today, I've had an amazingly easy drive through rush hour (non)traffic, good songs on the radio, brunch and a pedicure with my sister, and some quiet knitting time while Mina sleeps. Sangria and lemon chiffon cake are being prepared in the kitchen as I type, and good friends are coming for dinner. Tomorrow my sis and I and our two kids head back to the airport to fly to Boise to spend several days with the other half of our immediate family. (One sister is en route from here to there already; the other sister and the parents live there. It will be good.)

I'm working on a little t-shirt style sweater for Mina using Wool in the Woods Helix in the Napa Valley colorway - nice rich pinks, purples and greens. I also brought the first of the Jitterbug knee socks, which I made a lot of progress on while waiting to renew my driver's license, and the Luna Moth. That should be enough vacation knitting I think. I'm hoping to visit at least one yarn store in Boise. When we were planning our wedding, we bought luscious colors of dupioni silk for my sisters' dresses at a small boutique fabric shop. That shop has since added yarn, and called the yarn portion Fuzz. I can't wait to check it out. Maybe I'll find some yarn for this must-knit pair of socks!

Today is day two of my eleven day vacation. Here's to time moving slowly for once.


PinkPorcupine said...

Happy birthday!!!!

sprite said...

Hope the rest of your birthday week is a lot of fun!