Wednesday, August 01, 2007

It's a sign

Not just one, but two amazing knitbloggers are showing off their new spinning wheels this morning. And just before I checked my feeds in Google Reader, I checked my local Craigslist. Someone has an Ashford wheel for $50. I have no idea which wheel or what condition it is in, and they aren't answering their phone. But I will try again tonight.

I learned to spin on two Ashford wheels over 20 years ago. A friend of our family's, my youngest sister's godmother, lived with her husband in a log cabin in the woods of northern Idaho where they raised sheep, among various other things. I can remember walking through the rooms in their house as a young girl to see the spinning wheels, the giant loom that had a room all to itself, the pot of natural plant dye on the stove, and the baskets of knitting. I can remember sitting at the Ashford Traditional, which seemed gigantic at the time, after we decided I was too short and impatient for the drop spindles. I loved spinning on that wheel. We bought Helen's second wheel, an Ashford Traveler, and I can remember sitting in front of it, across the room from Helen and her Traditional, both of us spinning. We took the little Traveler home with us, along with hand cards and washed fleece. I used to spin at home, and I can still remember the calming rhythm of it. I stopped though, once I got to middle school age and became more concerned with perfecting my curling iron technique than with the spinning, knitting, and quilting I had just barely begun learning. Those things were definitely not cool for a pre-teen in 1987! (Or so I thought.) When I asked my mom about my wheel two years ago (during the summer I was pregnant - pregnancy somehow catalyzed my desire to make things), she told me she had donated it to a monastery. So, I bought a spindle and quickly remembered why I hated them. And I feel like I've told this story here before....

Anyway, fast forward to right now. My birthday is in two weeks, and I was going to ask for a spinning class at the downtown LYS as a birthday present. I'd planned to borrow a store wheel, and just see if it felt right to spin again. (If? Who am I kidding?) I've been looking at the Ashford Kiwi wheel for some time now because I know I used Ashfords in the past and the price is less frightening than other wheels. And then I find this ad today! My fingers are crossed.

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PinkPorcupine said...

I am SOOO jealous! I hope you get it, and it's in good condition!