Friday, August 31, 2007

What a week. I'm finally getting around to updating here, which I've been meaning to do since we got home from Boise last Wednesday. I didn't have to go back to work until Monday this week, so I continued on in full vacation mode with very little time spent on the computer. No blogs, no messageboards, only brief checking of email and Ravelry, and that was it. It was actually really nice! The girlie and I took lots of walks, made a lot of pancakes (her favorite thing to help me make), hung out at the library and the used bookstore, and read Raindrop, Plop about a million times. She always points at the "shiny red coat," the green alligator galoshes, and the cup of hot cocoa. When I explained for the first time what hot cocoa was ("kind of like coffee, but it's chocolate!"), she got up and took my hand, led me to the kitchen, and pointed at the corner of the counter where I usually leave a bar or two of dark chocolate near the coffee maker. Smart girl. ;)

The visit with family was nice, although Mina was insecure and clingy the entire time and demanded that I hold her from the time she woke up until bed around 9pm. No breaks for naps even - she wouldn't take them. I was exhausted and very ready to come home. We did make it to Fuzz one afternoon, where I picked out my birthday gift from Mom - some Lorna's Laces Shepherd Worsted - and a skein of Mountain Colors Bearfoot in rosehip (love it!) that I bought myself. I have to admit I was a little disappointed. For a small space carrying knitting yarn, weaving yarn, spinning supplies and embroidery and needlepoint supplies, the store seemed curiously empty. There wasn't anything I hadn't seen in person before other than a few Habu kits, but as J was visiting Habu in NYC for me, I didn't spend much time on those. The staff was very nice though - talkative without getting in the way. They were charmed by the grouchy head-standing Mina, and wound my yarn with a smile.

I did end up with some lovely items from Habu as well, and combined with my haul from the LYS that just went out of business, I've had an almost indecent amount of stash enhancement. Witness:

Click over to Flickr to find out what each one is. Crazy, isn't it? And it doesn't include a sweater's worth of Cascade Pima Tencel or the Wool in the Woods Helix I just used to make this:

This was one of the projects I took on vacation with me, but by the time we got home I'd only done about three inches of the body. I didn't follow a pattern or even knit a swatch (ha!). I just guessed what needle size I'd like to use with that yarn and took a stab at how many stitches to cast on to make a Mina-sized body tube. I'd say it worked out rather well. I did have to rip out my first attempt at the yoke and go down a needle size because the garter stitch was way too loose and floppy the first time. I love how it came out, although I wish it was a little bigger. She'll grow out of it by next spring, which is too bad because it's a perfect spring sweater. The cotton is so soft, light and stretchy. I have a lot of it left, probably half a skein (around 100 yards maybe), and I'm thinking it would combine well with a semi-solid Manos Cotton Stria for another sweater, using the multi-colored Helix for trim. We'll see.

For the first few days we were home, I was marveling over how quickly autumn is coming. Not even September, and the leaves already changing so much! I kept pointing out trees to J as we drove around town - look at that! Look how yellow and orange! After a few days of this he started ignoring me. We went for a walk by the bay, and I was silently sort of freaking out over how early autumn was coming, when I decided to take off my newish (purchased the night before leaving town for vacation) sunglasses to see how bright the early evening sun was. Oh... the tree in front of us wasn't yellow and brown after all, it was mostly green with just a hint of yellow starting! The silly sunglasses I've been wearing have yellow-brown lenses that bring out those colors and intensify them. It's like I've been wearing fast-forward glasses and seeing the trees as they'll look a month from now. So I can stop freaking out a little bit. But even so, autumn is coming, and that makes me happy!

I was hoping to finish two other projects this week, but external forces conspired against me (that is my excuse for everything). I was determined to finish Hedera before starting another sock project - and I have a good one in mind! - until the girlie decided she'd help:

I know the photo isn't the clearest, but you do see the two needles not attached any longer to the sock, yes? Yes. I have to salvage about half the stitches that hopefully haven't dropped too far, especially in the lace portion. Ugh. I've been hating this sock anyway (bored with the pattern, not liking the yarn at all), but the first one is done already so I need to just finish the thing and move on! The other thing I need to finish is this top from the Spring/Summer 2005 VK. I have all the pieces knit, I just need to seam it and add the crochet edging. I hate hate hate seaming. The crochet doesn't scare me. But, I don't have enough yarn. I'm trying to decide whether I should spend the $10 on an entire 200 yard skein when I probably only need 25 yards, or forgo the edging. I don't know. In the meantime, it's kind of nice just folded up on the chair here. I really think my worst character trait is lack of follow-through. I'm like this in absolutely every aspect of my life. Oh, I love to plan! Love it! And in the end, I have an unfinished sweater.

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