Sunday, September 23, 2007


The Autumnal Equinox seemed late this year, but today (finally) marks the beginning of the season I try to celebrate all year. In the autumn, I feel more creative, more inspired. I want to write, read, create, knit, cook, make tea, bake, light candles, study, organize, decorate, celebrate with family and friends. My favorite months are September and October, and they bring my favorite weather here in the Northwest - bright, clear, cool days, where the colors of the sky, the leaves, the sun are so sharp I feel a physical pang of joy. It's scarf and sweater but no jacket weather, time for making leaf bouquets, picking up acorns and chestnuts and pinecones, visiting the farmer's market in its final weeks of the season, shifting the way I cook and eat along with the seasonal foods.

At our house we celebrated today with pumpkin pancakes, naps, finger painting, football, sweater knitting, a walk around the yard to check in with the plants and trees, slow-cooker vegetarian chili, and a general feeling of contentment.

Happy Autumn!


Lolly said...

Wow! long time coming, huh? definitely the best time of year. I love the photos, and now I am craving slow-cooker veg chili!

joshua said...

beautiful post.