Friday, September 14, 2007

a bad case of startitis

Of course. There are always far too many tempting projects and far too little time! I still don't have that second Hedera done (though it should be finished tonight, really!), I still haven't finished seaming the VK top, and I still have too many things on the go. There's always room for more, right?

I've really got to learn to be more discriminating with my sock projects. The Hederas? I think I started them last December! My plan for Summer of Socks 2007 was to knit three pairs of knee socks. I haven't finished a single sock. Not even half a pair! Here's how far I got:

That's one of my favorite yarns, Colinette Jitterbug. The color is nice - Fruit Coulis. But the pattern. What was I thinking? A plain 2x2 ribbed knee sock? These will take me a year to finish. I get bored far too easily. Most of the progress on the leg of this thing was made while waiting in the DMV for two hours on the morning of my birthday. Um. That was August 16th. I don't think I've done more than a couple of rounds since then. Since I have two skeins of this, I'm considering frogging this entire thing so I can knit this sweater. I am a devotee of the cardigan anyway. A cute, basic cardi from just two skeins of sock yarn? Sounds like a great idea to me! One thing I've realized this summer is that I can crank out sweaters (or most of sweaters) with crazy speed, but socks take me forever. Which is of course why I am planning to do this:

If you've read this book, this will make sense. The story jumps back and forth between the years 2005 and 1209 and takes place in the south of France, or the Midi. I have been reading this rather slowly but enjoying it, so it is on my mind a lot. On our last trip to the library, I pulled Nancy Bush's Knitting on the Road off the shelf and opened it randomly. The page I opened to was the pattern for the Canal du Midi socks. Socks that match my book! The Lorna's Laces in blue spruce was already in my stash waiting for the right pattern. Ta da! Then I thought it would be really cool to have a knitting project for every novel I read. I don't read nearly as much as I used to now that my hands are so busy knitting, so the prospect isn't quite as crazy as it sounds.

Of course, the new Knitty came out. The fall issue is always the best, and I think this one might be the best ever. There are six projects jumping up and down saying "pick me, pick me!" and it's been hard to resist! I just may have an appropriate yarn for one sweater in the stash, just a few feet from where I am sitting. And the yarn for a stole. I could probably come up with something for a hat too. And, I just may have ordered four skeins of something today, because this was really, really too much to resist for longer than 24 hours. I am weak! So weak that this is not all that I want to cast on. I picked up another skein of Fonty Kidopale at the LYS this week, in rich autumn colors, for a light, fluffy little fall scarf. Then I remembered the Habu silk stainless J brought back from NYC. I have mini-cones in blackberry, navy, and lavender. The navy and blackberry would go well with the kidopale for something very kusha kusha-like. I'm fascinated with the beautiful, sculptural scarves I've been seeing. Lovely.

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