Saturday, September 08, 2007

long overdue

I'm finally getting around to posting a couple of finished projects that have been sitting around. I'm lazy that way.

Chevron Scarf, from Last Minute Knitted Gifts, made with superwash merino fingering weight from Fresh Yarns on size US 3 bamboo needles. I did most of this while watching the dvd's of seasons 1 and 2 of LOST, and the scarf sat around unblocked and forgotten for quite awhile, so it is the LOST scarf. On my monitor the colors in this photo are as close to true as I can ever hope to photograph - there is some deep purple and deep teal that aren't quite showing up. But you get the idea. The scarf is about six feet long, and I have a ton of yarn left over. I like how light it is; this will be perfect for the transition weather before I need to break out the alpaca.

Here's a quick webcam shot of the Ribbed Lace Bolero from 10 feet high. This was a quick project and I've been wearing it a lot even though it's quite a bit too wide for me. A couple of tips if you knit this: 1) have someone else measure your shoulder span, and 2) really stretch out your ribbing when you measure gauge. I think made both mistakes. The color is way off in this picture. I actually used the exact same yarn and color as the original, and her picture is more accurate. I didn't like how the collar looked rolled over once I tried it on, so I left mine flat. That was my only change.

Today I actually set in a sleeve and sewed one of the side seams on my VK Short Sleeved Top #5 (such a creative name, no?), but that was all the seaming I could stand for one day. I just have to do the other sleeve and then the crochet edging. It's sort of a scallop/ruffle edge all around the sleeves, bottom, and deep V neckline, and I was almost out of yarn so I went and got another skein today just to be safe. Hopefully I'll have it done before next weekend.

Currently on the needles (and not in hibernation) I have a basic cabled Kureyon hat for the girlie, my Luna Moth shawl, and the second Hedera. I picked up all the stitches that Mina pulled the needles out of and finished the gusset decreases. Almost there! I need to start J's Dashing mitts (in Tahki New Tweed, which is wonderful stuff) and a new hat for him in the Schaefer Lola I got today. Our fourth anniversary is in less than a month! I haven't chosen a hat pattern yet. All the ones I've made for him so far have been 2x2 ribbing on the entire thing and I don't want to do that again even though he likes them a lot. I'm thinking something slightly cabley to go with the Dashings, since the yarns are the same color (dark olive green, of course - that is his color) even if not the same type. Nothing too regular/symmetrical or anything....we'll see what I come up with.

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PinkPorcupine said...

Pretty scarf. Will you send the finishing mojo my way? I've got two on the needles at halfway, and another to cast on, and they all need to be done by December.
Plus? Love the bolero - looks totally wearable. Yet another thing to add to my queue!