Monday, October 01, 2007

round and round and round

I needed some easy and soothing knitting for what I knew would be a busy week. This sweater is much farther along now, but there have been no opportunities for an updated photo. I work at a university, and the first week of classes (last week) is always so hectic that I'm exhausted. Combine that with some very autumnal weather (wind and rain, like we don't normally get for another month) and we have very limited photo opportunities. Let's just say the sweater is going well. The yarn is the most deliciously bouncy yarn I've ever worked with. In my spacy, exhausted state I sometimes find myself with my knitting forgotten in my lap and a length of yarn held between my thumbs and forefingers, stretching it back and forth just to watch it spring back over and over again. I can knit this yarn blind, it flows so smoothly and easily. An entire sweater body is finished, with just the bottom border and sleeves left to knit. I tried it on last just after the decreases for the waist shaping and everything was looking good - I'm excited for my first wearable sweater. I'm leaving off the pocket for the sake of sleekness and doing long sleeves for the sake of warmth.

I'm still needing comfort knitting this week. I wrecked my car yesterday evening, and even though thankfully no one was hurt and the car still drives, it's in bad shape. The distractiblity evident in my too many projects carries over into other areas of my life. My "ooh pretty saris in the shop window!" turned into a silent gasp and scream as the rear end of the station wagon in front of me (which had slammed on its brakes at the last second for a pedestrian waiting to cross the street) ended up sitting on the hood of my Saturn. :( Mina in the back seat was wide-eyed and quiet. When we didn't continue driving, she started crying, pointing at the keys in the ignition and making the sign for "more." When the police officers had the other driver pull forward off of my car, Mina did a loud "uh oh!" when it crashed back down to the road and our car bounced upward. I almost laughed. "Yes, sweetie, it's a big uh oh!" So yes, comfort knitting is in order. I'm weighing my options - it's either bulky merino or alpaca silk, both in the stash (no yarn buying for me with a deductible for car repair to pay), and another easy sweater.

One last little note: I know some of my photos aren't showing up in previous posts or in my Ravelry projects. After reading about this situation I have removed all pictures of my daughter from my blog and photostream. I am reassessing what, if anything, to upload again and how to blog and share the way I'd like in the future without putting my daughter's image out there to be stolen and misused in this way.

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PinkPorcupine said...

Oh, no!!! I'm glad you guys weren't hurt! That's terrible! But I will say: Saturns are the best cars out there. I was told after a wreck a few years ago that I shouldn't have walked away, and I only had a little surface scratch on my hand. The cop went out and got one too!
As for the "chocolate" issue - that's the reason that I never posted any of Little Miss V's pics online, either. There are some sick people out there, and I prefer to avoid putting myself and my family in a situation to be taken advantage of.
Take care!