Wednesday, January 23, 2008

So, still no photos of the sweater I finished over a week ago! That was one of my weekend goals, to catch up on photos of the handknits. I was even going to play with the timer on the camera, which I have yet to use. It was so cold and windy that the girlie and I huddled indoors reading and watching movies with a fire blazing in the woodstove. Sunday was sunny and freezing (that's the thing with the northeast winds - clear, very cold, and dry, with windchill like you wouldn't believe) so it would have been a good day to stay inside and take pictures near the living room windows, but I couldn't find the cord for the camera battery recharger. When we did finally venture out of the house on Monday, I didn't feel like wearing the sweater, and the only photo I took was this:

Random, I know. It made me laugh. This is at the Village Green near my house, in one of those places where people can donate money and get their name inscribed on a brick. I wish more of them were like this.

With freezing weather on the way I decided another sweater was a good idea, so I cast on for the Duchess Raglan, a free pattern from Classic Elite. I like the slip stitch detail along the raglan lines and the simplicity of the whole thing. The things I wear most are very simple with clean lines, so this is a good choice for me. I'm using bulky merino from that I originally ordered for Cherie Amour. I loved Cherie Amour when I first saw it and ordered the yarn almost immediately. After having to wait a few months to cast on, I realized that as pretty as it is, it isn't something I'd wear often. Not plain enough, I guess. Just call me boring, but I prefer plain clothing with interesting accessories to clothing that has a lot going on. Anyway, with a gauge of 13 st/4" I thought I might be able to knit the whole thing over the long weekend. I probably could have, but Saturday night I typed a long e-mail with my wrists at a funny angle and that was enough to cause one of my unexplained chronic pain issues to flare up in my right wrist. It was painful enough that I did not knit a single stitch or even turn on my laptop from Saturday evening through Monday evening. Whoa. Instead, I read The Shadow of the Wind by Carlos Ruiz Zafon in its entirety - it was quick-moving and entertaining enough to do so (and I just love a gothic novel sometimes, if you didn't guess by my daughter's name!) and listened to Mina "read" aloud to me. She's in a phase where she doesn't want me to read to her, she wants to do it herself. When she walks over to the sofa with a book, she looks at me and says firmly "Mimi!" (her name for herself), meaning that I am not allowed to read it, she is going to. If I try to watch or obviously listen, she points at me and says "Mama's book!" to tell me to stop looking at her and read my own book. So bossy! The last two evenings, since I am able to knit again, she says "arns!" (yarn) instead. So, listening to her read, I've gotten through the first half of the waist shaping on this sweater. I converted it to top down so I could be certain it would fit the way I wanted, and I had just finished the waist decreases before I put the girlie to bed tonight. I'll post photos...sometime! Until then, here's my unblogged Odessa from an entire year ago:

I used Rowan Yorkshire Tweed DK and no beads. It was supposed to be for J. originally but it came out too small, so I wore it and loved it all last winter and this fall, sharing occasionally with the girlie. But, it doesn't work with my new haircut (bangs! for the first time in nearly 20 years!) so now Mina gets it all to herself. I'm halfway through a slouchy Gretel for me, but waiting for my sister to catch up since we're supposed to be doing it as a knitalong. Again, photos...someday.

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Knitting Bandit said...

I read that book last year. It was "different", I liked it. I love the brick too. I think a little humor goes a long way. It's so much more memorable in instances like that too!