Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Swing Thing, now with buttons

Not the clearest of shots, but it's hard to get a two-year-old to hold still for long:

I'm not pleased with the buttons on this, but I didn't have the sweater with me during the quick run into the fabric store when I bought them. In case you can't tell, they are those sort of filigree-looking metal (or they might actually be plastic) type, and they are strategically placed to hide two spots where I forgot to switch to garter stitch at the front edge. Luckily the mishaps were evenly spaced. I'd like to swap these buttons out for either dark wood or maybe even the translucent, deep magenta plastic ones I saw. I'm not sure.

I do hope this sweater still fits next fall...the girlie is so tall (nearly to the top of my hip!), but I think this has a little room to grow.

1 comment:

Knitting Bandit said...

Too cute! She looks like she could be a "poser", is her little hip cocked to the side? :)