Wednesday, February 06, 2008

February fire

Last week, with Thing-a-day looming, I was a little worried that it would be hard to fit in something creative every single day. I knew the extra inspiration of Project Spectrum's theme would help, but I was still a little worried.

Some of my fiery art supplies

It turns out that being creative every day is easy. It's documenting it that is the most difficult part. Carrying a camera around and capturing my day is not second nature to me. During the dark months of the year it's especially difficult since I am only at home in the daylight hours on weekends. I set up the scanner last night which will help with some things, but most three-dimensional objects will still have to wait until weekends to be photographed.

February projects begin

On Friday night I started going through art supplies and ended up not getting everything out as I had planned. There was too much! I don't have any dedicated project space at home. We just don't have room. But, I did scribble and scrawl with some oil pastels on the background of the above page. I added the torn black paper to tone down the fire (I am not a big fan of brights) and create a writing surface, then used a metallic burgundy gel pen to write. For me, projects like Thing-a-day and Project Spectrum aren't so much about producing a ton of finished products, at least that isn't the main purpose for me. I see them more as a way to remind myself to take the time to make creativity a habit, a daily habit. Lately I've been falling into a routine of plopping down on the sofa with some mindless tv knitting once the girlie has gone to sleep and I've finished cleaning up. Mindless knitting is great, but there is a lot more I could be doing. So, for this month at least, that is my focus. Every day. I have completed at least one thing each day so far, but I've also worked here and there on other projects and realized that I am creative all day long. There are some days for which it's difficult to choose which one thing should be my Thing for the day. And that's good!

This little ATC is also from February 1st. The background is card stock colored with pigment ink stamp pads and metallic acrylic paint printed on with bubble wrap. The heart is polymer clay. I made each of the pieces separately for different purposes a long time ago, and just put them together on Friday. The heart already had the holes in it. I just sewed it to the card stock with copper thread.

I'm out of time this morning, but I will share more later. My "thing" for February 2 was a heart-shaped crochet dishcloth, simply because I needed a dishcloth. I don't have a photo of that one. I do have more journal pages and pancakes though. Stay tuned.

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Lolly said...

I have seen the mention of THing-A-Day on a few blogs too, and it is exciting that it can coincide with PS. I love your take on it!

Beautiful projects - so inspirational!