Friday, February 01, 2008

February One

Here it is, February 1st already. Two huge create-alongs begin today, Project Spectrum and Thing-a-day, and I'm participating in both of them! Two at once sounds like too much until you realize that these two fit perfectly together. So for February I'll be attempting to make at least one creative thing every single day. Many of those things will just happen to be red/pink/orange and/or related to the element Fire. So there - two birds with one stone.

I'm trying not to plan too much in advance - I lose interest if I have to be held to a pre-determined plan for too long. But there are a few things I would like to do. Some knitting, some cooking and baking, some paper art, some necklaces, some photography, some candles... I'd really like to get back to a lot of the things I enjoyed but abandoned once I became a knitting addict. Don't worry if that is what you are here for - there will be lots of knitting still!

I realized that I have stash yarn appropriate for one shawl for each element. Several choices in some cases. I haven't decided yet if I'll do it. I generally have so many WIP's that a whole shawl in two months is slightly ambitious for me. I'd have to exercise some restraint and stay focused. Not so good at that. It still seems like a fun idea though, so who knows. And who really cares (but me) if I add to the pile of half-finished knits?

Tonight I plan to pull out all, and I mean ALL, of the red, orange, and pink art supplies - paints, pastels, pencils, papers, everything - and see what happens. I'll at least make a mark in a sketchbook with every item. I just might also pull out this:

This yarn has been calling out to become Juno Regina since the day the pattern was published. I know the theme isn't very fiery, but I think it would do. (And in person, the yarn is less earthy than this. I think it works for fire.)

Yes, I did see Liza Dalby last night, and I plan to write about it. Just not while I'm at work. I need to be able to think better. The talk was interesting, educational, and inspirational. It gave me a lot to think about and the possibility of another project in addition to, perhaps, a clearer thesis idea. I also got my books autographed as I mumbled/babbled something that I don't even remember - silly me! I'm quite shy and quiet in person, not nearly as wordy as I can get sometimes in writing.

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