Monday, February 11, 2008

Gretel, and other nearly-forgotten knits

Well, the grand plan to finish the most recent sweater over the weekend wasn't realized - I hardly knit at all. It was one of those totally lazy weekends where I didn't do much other than watercolor and cook with the girlie, read an entire novel (Empress Orchid by Anchee Min), and spend a Sunday afternoon out and about, wandering through shops and having a late lunch. I couldn't even be bothered to recharge the camera batteries when we noticed they were dead on Sunday morning. But, we're still in luck - J's cell phone camera takes surprisingly good photos, and so I have a small picture of Gretel:

Yes, it looks like I'm being eaten by my hair. Actually it was just really windy, and I was looking down and to the side watching Mina proudly carrying her new book after our afternoon browse through the best used bookstore in town. I thought J was taking pictures of Mina all afternoon, but it turns out I was in a lot of them too. I had no idea throughout several hours of intermittent photo snapping until he said "hmm...discard that one...Mommy looks like a Muppet." What? Oh well. I know you can't see much in this picture, and it doesn't get any bigger, sorry. Here's a progress shot that shows the cables better, though:

This is Dream in Color Classy in the In Vino Veritas colorway. Yes, the same yarn I used for my last FO, Wicked. I love this yarn! Look at those squooshy cables! The color is more accurate in the cell phone pic above - I had the hardest time getting it right with the regular camera. (I never did.) This hat is covered in lattice cables. Yes, it's a lot of cabling! I did it without a cable needle, otherwise I would have gone insane. It was no problem at all once I figured out that darn T3R/right purl twist thingy. I think that's the stitch that killed my Koolhaas attempt the week before Christmas. Now that I've mastered it with this hat, Koolhaas should be a piece of cake and J will get another hat after all. I'm pretty proud of this hat. I don't think there is a single tiny mistake anywhere on it.

The Duchess Raglan is still languishing, just waiting for sleeves.

Since I took this photo I've added a few inches, bound off the hem and done about an inch on one sleeve. I didn't alternate skeins all though the body of the sweater and it looked just fine. Then I figured out that the fourth skein is slightly darker than the first three, so I'll have to alternate it with the remainder of the third one on the sleeves to blend it a bit. The exact same thing happened with Mina's Swing Thing. I had to alternate yarns every round on the sleeves and it annoyed me. That's the only reason this is still sitting around. It came out a bit clingier than I had intended, but this yarn, the Merino Bulky from, does grow a little bit after a dunk in the sink, so I'm hoping it will be ok.

I didn't do anything too exciting for Thing-a-day this weekend. Like I said, just watercoloring and cooking with Mina. I consider that meeting the requirements of half an hour a day on a creative project. (That's my story and I'm sticking to it.) I've been feeling a bit achy and low energy, but I'm doing my best to keep busy and not sink into a heap of apathy on the sofa, as I am wont to do at this time of year. There ARE signs of spring out there - I've seen plum blossoms, ranunculus, and crocus. I've see twitterpated juncos (you know, from Bambi - all the animals falling in love. Twitterpated!). I've also seen, of course, the RAIN. Rain rain rain! We have a long spring here, beginning about now and staying cool and rainy through June. At least that means that the handknit-wearing, layering season is also long. I think I'd better finish those sleeves and start a cardigan.

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PinkPorcupine said...

Gretel is gaw-geous! Now I wanna make one - I wonder if the slouchy nature of it would combat the I-look-terrible-in-hats thing I have going on...
Duchess looks great too - love the color.