Thursday, February 21, 2008

Luna Moth

It started out small,

and then grew shapelessly as lace seems to do.

It seemed like it was going to look just like this forever. As the rows get longer, lace drags on for me. The shawl took a long nap on my project desk, getting picked up for a row here, half a row there, sitting for months with a minor error that was finally fixed for good last week and the final few rows were completed.

Just off the needles, the yarn felt pleasant but the lace looked terrible. It looked small. I got to experience the magic of blocking lace for the first time, the million little pins (which I don't mind a bit), the slow unfolding of the pattern as each pin is placed. Even in my damp climate, the cottony yarn took less than 24 hours to dry. I had been prepared to wait all weekend. I block my knits in the only location that is both carpeted and out of reach of cat and toddler - the loft above the second bedroom. I climb the ladder with a soggy heap of yarn, crouch in the semi-dark and pin everything into place, then climb down and wait. When I climbed back up to check on Saturday morning, I didn't expect the shawl to be dry yet. When it was, I excitedly removed all the pins, then scooped it up and stood up quickly, eager to see it in the full light in front of the bathroom mirror. Smack! That was the back of my head hitting the sloped wall/ceiling behind me. I was so excited I forgot I was crouching just beneath the high slanted roof of my funny tall house.

Even if I hadn't hit my head, I think I would have been dizzy with the prettiness of this lace anyway.

The Luna Moth Shawl, by Shui Kuen Kozinski. Just under five balls of Elann Callista, a DK weight blend of cotton, linen, and viscose. Overall this pattern was easy and would have been quick to knit if it wasn't for my knitting ADD. (I just can't stick to a single project. It's not in my nature.) The finished shawl is about my wingspan in width and falls below my knees at the longest point when it is resting on my shoulders (I am 5'3"). I haven't actually measured it. I had planned to wear this with jeans, wrapped round and round with the point off-center the way I wear my flower petal shawl, but it doesn't wrap around quite as far as I had imagined, so now I'll have to play with styling options. I love the look of triangular shawls when they are spread out, but I'm thinking I might be more of a rectangular stole girl as far as wearing them, unless they are huge. I'll play with this one and see.

I haven't forgotten Project Spectrum or Thing-a-day, though I have pretty much fallen off the wagon with the Thing-a-day bit. Being away from home over the weekend helped me lose my momentum. It was worth it though to see family and take Mina to the zoo for the first time. I stayed home from work with her today since she has a bad cold. She hadn't been sick in 11 months, and I think this is only her fourth time being sick in her life, so we tend to make a bigger deal out of it since it is so rare. She isn't in daycare because J works evenings and can be at home with her while I'm at work in the daytime, but even so, when she is sick, Mama stays home too. Even with wiping her nose every 90 seconds, I managed to try two new recipes today that are in line with my Project Spectrum goals. (There was just lots of handwashing involved!) I made Vegan Cocoa Applesauce Bread this afternoon, and there is a pot of Baby Lima Soup with Chipotle Broth (from the current fave cookbook, Super Natural Cooking) bubbling on the stove right now. Mmmmm.


sam said...

Truly beautiful. I'm looking forward to hearing about how you like wearing it. I've been wanting to knit a lace shawl, but I can't figure out what I'd wear it with when I finished.

LizKnits said...

Wow... that shawl is amazing! I love the color of that yarn with the design ... what a great knit. Congrats getting over the hump and getting it done.

PinkPorcupine said...

She's pretty!! Sorry 'bout your head, but it was worth it, right!?

Michael said...

Hooboy, I love me some lace, and there is by all means an absolutely faboo example!