Friday, February 22, 2008

spring fling knitting

So, the rebellion against boring sleeves that I mentioned the other day was this:

The quickest little knit ever, the Anthropologie-inspired capelet from Peony Knits, in Plymouth/Indiecita Baby Alpaca Grande. This took just a few hours spread over several days and 1.5 skeins of yarn. I had bought three skeins a couple of years ago for a different capelet pattern but couldn't get gauge, so the yarn had been sitting in my stash waiting for a project ever since. I only used half of it for this, so now the rest will keep sitting, I guess, or I might make a cropped cardi for Mina. This little thing looked so tiny when I took it off the needles that I was afraid it wouldn't fit me and tried it on Mina instead. She immediately wrapped her arms around herself and snuggled it with the happiest smile on her face. On her the sleeves are elbow length and the bottom band hits just at her waist - it looked really cute. So maybe she'll get the other 1.5 skeins of cloud-light softness. This stuff really is like knitting with clouds.

I made only two modifications to the pattern. In the original, there are only supposed to be four plain rows from the underarm to the bottom ribbing, but you can see that I lengthened that quite a bit so that it would end at the right place on me, just below the bustline. I also prefer it stockinette side out rather than reverse stockinette, so I knitted it that way with the yarn overs happening on the knit side rather than the purl side (which is easier anyway). I'm quite happy with it, and wore it all day today. The alpaca is so warm that I went outside just as you see in the photo and felt fine. Well, as long as I was in the sun and the wind wasn't blowing. Yes, see that behind my left shoulder? That's SUN! It's the Great February Fake-out here in the Northwest. It happens every year. We get gorgeous spring-like weather for a week or so in the middle of February, and then it will return to rainy, dismal usual weather until June. By next week I'll be wishing I'd finished those bulky merino sleeves sooner.

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LizKnits said...

That turned out great... love the color and that alpaca does look too soft!