Sunday, March 02, 2008

another scarf

Have I ever mentioned that I am a scarf person? Like really, really a scarf person. I don't know why, I just love to wear them. From where I am sitting right now I can see eight of them and I know there are at least that many more somewhere around here.

I also said the other day that I knit lace very slowly. I guess I lied about that one (but I'm really not lying about being a scarf person. I love them!), because here is my Haruha scarf, finished!

I actually finished this a few days ago, then got lazy about weaving in the six little ends and blocking it. But I finally gave in and did it and this morning I had a new scarf to wear. I don't have a photo of myself wearing it, but if I did have one it would show a nice big blissful smile, because this yarn is the softest yarn I've ever put around my neck, the color is so rich, and it drapes so beautifully that I can't help but feel happy wearing it.

I had the perfect opportunity to wear it today, too. The weather is being typical spring here, nice and chilly but not so yucky that you want to stay confined indoors when it isn't raining, so Mina and I took our first regular walk of the year. By "regular walk" I mean the walk that we took nearly every single day from mid-spring through early fall last year, the seven blocks from our house into the main business area of our neighborhood. Our part of town is full of independent, local shops and restaurants, historic buildings, the library, a small grocery store, a weekly farmer's market in season, and generally enough to occupy you for a couple of hours every day. We hit the little kid clothing boutique, the bookstore, the yarn shop, and the toy store before Mina had had enough and requested mac & cheese and a nap. It had clouded over by the time we got out of the grocery store, and we were both chilled by the time we got home. The spring wind can be so cold! We're still recovering from colds too, so maybe it wasn't the best plan, but J is out of town with the car and I was feeling stir-crazy. The only option for getting out was a walk. (I know, I'm a wimp. I'm complaining about damp spring winds while other people are dealing with snow and negative temperatures.)

Later this week I have another FO to show you, plus my teeny tiny purchase at the LYS today. I am still on the yarn-buying fast until the Spring Equinox, but this was really the tiniest of all possible yarn purchases and allows me to make something with an odd ball of stash yarn, so it's cool. I'm also hoping to walk again tomorrow with the camera so that I can return with photographic evidence that spring really is here.

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Sam said...

The scarf is beautiful!

I think that weight of scarf is just perfect around here. Keeps you nice and cozy, but you don't have to take it off inside. Makes me want to add another one to my collection.