Thursday, March 06, 2008

love multiplied

Today I received this ATC from Bobbi in Iowa as part of the Project Spectrum Fire ATC swap. Bobbi didn't include her blog or email address, so I hope she is out there watching for this to arrive safely. Thank you so much, Bobbi! Bobbi named her creation "Love Multiplied," and I think it's beautiful. I had a rough day today, and it was so nice to have this envelope waiting for me on the kitchen counter when I got home from work. I teared up a little when I opened it and saw this inside. The image is so perfect for me right now for reasons I can't explain (and no, I am not pregnant again!). Bobbi claims she isn't an artist. I hope she pops in and says hello so that I can reach her and tell her otherwise.

I sent my own ATC's off to my swap partners yesterday. I forgot to scan them before I went to bed the night before and didn't have a real camera at work with me before I mailed them, so I snapped some quickie photos with my phone before sending them on their way. My phone battery died later in the day and apparently all data from the last few hours before battery death was lost. Strange. And disappointing, because now I have no record of those little cards. Oh well! Hopefully my swap partners will be able to post pictures.

Speaking of Project Spectrum, while I was on Flickr earlier checking the PS pool, I came across this. Go, go look! The permissions are set so I can't put the photo here for you to see. Did you go? My jaw literally dropped open when I saw that color, and I said aloud to the empty room "Oh. My. God!" If anyone ever asks me what my favorite color is, I will just show them this photo. I want to live inside that color. I want everything I own to be that color. I want to be that color! It's that wow. Fortunately for me it sounds like Adam will be adding it as a regular Yarn Nerd colorway, and then I'll be able to knit myself... something giant. Must envelop self in that color!

I promised a FO earlier this week. I have two of them now, just no photos yet. It's been difficult to get the girlie to model the first object in question for more than 30 seconds. She seems to like them, and she picked out the yarn herself. She just likes to take them off again immediately. Is Dalegarn Baby Ull itchy to anyone? It seemed fine to me, but who knows. Although she's fine with Kureyon on her forehead, so I don't know how Baby Ull on the legs could be a problem. Anyway. We may have to go for an unmodeled shot tomorrow. One way or another, there will be knitting photos soon.

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