Wednesday, March 12, 2008

the small project

I am definitely a multi-tasker when it comes to knitting. For every big project I have on the needles, I also have one or two small ones at any given time. Small projects are great for stash busting and for taking breaks from larger projects that can sometimes seem endless. Here are some of the recent small objects coming from my needles.

I mentioned last weekend that I had two finished projects to show you, and these legwarmers were one of them. I had been hoping to get a photo of Mina modeling them, but so far she has been uncooperative. She was excited about the first one I finished and had to try it on both legs, but now that they are both done she won't keep them on for longer than 30 seconds. The patterns is Legwarmies by Alana Dakos, and is available for free. I used one ball of Dalegarn Baby Ull that Mina picked out herself on a trip to the LYS. The loves to grab yarn off the shelves, hug it, and rub it against her cheek (she's a natural yarn lover already!), but this particular ball she refused to put back. She played with it at home for a few days before losing interest, and then it spent a year hanging out in my stash until a tempting pattern came along for it. I completed these in a weekend on size US 3 needles. They reach just above her knees if pulled up all the way, or they can scrunch down lower on her calves. If she would wear them.

The legwarmies were my project for the last weekend in February. For the first weekend in March (just a few days ago) I made myself a Tudora with the leftover Rio de la Plata from Mina's Swing Thing. I did all of the knitting on Saturday night, and then on Sunday I wove in the ends and went button shopping. I wanted to fit in a couple more Fire projects for Project Spectrum, and this was certainly a quick one! I haven't worn it out of the house yet. I think I need to move the button a bit. I knew I woulnd't get gauge with the cushy Rio de la Plata, so I modified the pattern slightly and cast on 88 stitches rather than 112. It is a bit big on me (and I can't take a decent photo of myself to save my life):

I'm not sure how much use Tudora will actually see, so maybe it will become a gift. My favorite part is the crescent moon-shaped wooden button, found at JoAnn's for about $1.50.

I wanted at least one more PS Fire project before March is over, so I tried casting on for Tikru's Chevalier Mittens using some Mountain Colors 4/8's Wool from my stash in the lovely Berries colorway, but once I had knitted the cuff I realized I will need to use a lighter weight yarn and smaller gauge to get this pattern to work for me. It is sized for a women's medium or man's small, which is far too big. I was able to get both of my wrists in the cuff with room to spare. So instead I grabbed another Mountain Colors yarn from the stash and cast on for the Cut & Paste Socks by Becca Diaz.

I am knitting this on US size 0 needles, which is making a rather dense fabric at 8.5 stitches per inch, but they seem to fit. This gauge is within the recommended range for Bearfoot, but I think I'd be more comfortable knitting it on 1's. But then my sock would be too big. So we'll see how it goes. I am the slowest sock knitter in the world, so I know these won't be done anytime soon.

The new Knitty came out yesterday. Guess what this scarf lover cast on for last night?

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Sam said...

The Tudora is really interesting and the color is fantastic. I hadn't seen the pattern before. I've got a little left over malibrigo and I need a quick gift for a friend. Perfect. Thanks for sharing.