Wednesday, March 26, 2008

spring cleaning, part two

Perhaps my last post was misleading. You didn't really think I only had four UFO's, did you? I think I can lay claim to every knitting disorder there is - KADD, startitis, cast on-itis, second sock syndrome...what am I missing? This makes for quite a few projects in various states of (in)completion hiding in each of my several small stash areas. Here are more of them.

These are all somewhat recent projects (at least compared to the photo coming up next). We've got two socks that do not make a pair and a scarf. Nothing wrong with either of the socks, really. They're just boring. The scarf was my interpretation of the Habu Kusha Kusha scarf, but with laceweight mohair (more mohair! and all the same brand!) rather than merino. It seemed like a good idea, but these two yarns, Habu silk stainless and Fonty Kidopale, are not made for one another. At least not at this gauge. The mohair hides the crunchy texture and structure of the silk stainless, which in turn weighs down the mohair's floatiness, so the best qualities of each yarn are negated and the whole thing is just meh. But next to impossible to frog.

This next picture is even more frightening.

Here we have two scarves, completed and bound off, but unblocked and with ends unwoven. Both have been buried in the stash for at least two years. Actually, I think one of them dates from my very early knitting days when I was still pregnant - I can remember knitting three Silk Garden scarves that summer and early fall. There is also a baby sweater and pair of booties that just need seaming. They were started before my cousin's son was born, meant as a gift. The little guy turns two this week.

Here's one of the scarves, in Artyarns Supermerino:

I used an overlapping waves lace pattern from one of my stitch dictionaries, but I don't know which one. I didn't (and still don't) like how the yarn pooled. I hadn't figured out the simple technique of working from two balls at once and carrying the unused yarn up the side of the work, so I would occasionally cut the yarn and start knitting from the other ball, so there are an absurd number of ends. The pattern and yarn together don't make a good scarf, although there is nothing wrong with either separately. No matter how well I block this, it is going to curl. I'm going to frog this, and maybe knit some socks. We'll see how many little balls of yarn I end up with from this.

So you see, there are seven more UFO's here. Add that to the four from my last post and the three that I am actively working on, and that makes 13. Plus I know there is one more baby sweater somewhere - I was working on it while I was in labor and never finished it. I just can't find it. So, 14 UFO's that I know of. There may be more lurking.

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marycatharine said...

All of your ufo's look great even if they aren't finished. I don't think I'll ever be able to count all of mine - your honesty is way beyond me.