Friday, March 21, 2008

spring cleaning

Spring surprised me this year. Until late yesterday afternoon I assumed that the equinox was today. Maybe it's because I still have my Ecological Calendar from last year up on my office wall, and last year's Spring Equinox fell on March 21. Anyway, to welcome a chilly and drizzly spring, I thought I'd air out the UFO's. (If you know me in person, you didn't think I was actually cleaning, did you?)

This is one of several sweaters that was supposed to be My First Sweater, which I began last January. Obviously, this is only half a sweater. Less than half a sweater - it would need cap sleeves and a cowl neck in addition to a front to match this back. What this sweater piece really is is a poor combination of pattern and yarn. The yarn is lovely - Debbie Bliss Alpaca Silk in deep marine blue. The pattern is from last Spring's Rebecca magazine (on Ravelry here). The pattern is cute enough, but was written for a cotton blend yarn. I thought in alpaca it would be cute layered over a black top and skinny jeans. I made it longer and added some ill-executed waist shaping. I didn't count on the weight and sag drape of the alpaca though, and it appears that this thing would end up nearly at my knees. The tunic/skinny jean trend can't have that much life left in it, so as cute as the idea is, I wouldn't be able to wear it past next fall. I think the lovely yarn deserves much better than this. Rip!

The other former candidate for My First Sweater is right here:

This one just needs seamed up and the crochet edging added. The only thing keeping me from finishing is pure laziness. Well, that and the sinking feeling that it was another poor yarn choice. This is a sweater from Vogue Knitting Spring/Summer 2005, and I can't find a photo online. I looked through all my old issues of VK recently and I still, three years later, love the photo of this top. The original is in 100% silk, and I used 100% mercerized cotton. The fabric feels dense, doesn't have enough drape, and slants in one direction due to the yarn construction. I am so close I really should finish it and see how it looks. Here is a finished one, without sleeves, using the same yarn. The fit is different than in the pattern photo, but it still looks good. I guess I need to work on my laziness.

Next we have mohair.

There is no reason not to finish this scribble lace scarf. It just lost its shiny factor and got stuck in the bottom of the WIP basket. The same goes for poor Kiri, who is actually about twice this size now:

I think I worked on Kiri last month a bit, so I haven't officially moved her into hibernation or UFO status. I do really want to finish her. I am just so easily distracted by new projects. I've realized, since being on Ravelry, that I am much more project-motivated than yarn-motivated. I hardly go into the yarn tab at all, but I stalk the pattern browser for new additions every day. When I find something I'd like to make, I'll spend time researching the perfect yarn for the project, but almost never vice versa. I usually buy yarn with a purpose in mind, although sometimes it sits in the stash for so long that the original purpose loses its appeal and I have to search for a new purpose. Maybe I'm strange, but project planning like this, even if I never actually knit the project, is a lot of fun for me. I think that's why I so enjoy doing the Sweater of the Week and Shawl of the Week for Lime & Violet's Daily Chum.

I have several other partly finished knits around the house, and lots of stash that should be sorted through and organized. I think my spring cleaning goal will be to get my art and craft chaos organized better and set up in a usable space. Hopefully I'll be able to update on how well that goes.


PinkPorcupine said...

Wow, your UFO bin is minuscule compared to mine!
I know what you mean about trolling the pattern pages - I do the same thing. But I've got tons of stash that I got "just cause," so I tend to look those up and peek at the projects that other people made to get ideas. Like, what am I going to do with those six balls of self striping cotton yarn???? Or those three skeins of Manos I just snagged. But all my Ravelry wandering is project oriented. I love your columns on the Chum, btw!

Ibunnysavetroy said...

three ufos isn't that bad! kiri looks lovely!