Tuesday, April 01, 2008


Project Spectrum moves into phase two today, with the element Earth and the colors green, brown, and metallics. I've been waiting impatiently for the last week - I am ready for spring and was feeling very done with Fire.

As I sat at work yesterday I kept thinking that I didn't have many earth colors in my stash. I guess I was wrong. That center ball of cotton ribbon has already been cast on for a project perfectly suited for movie watching - the Phiaro Scarf from Winter/Spring 2008 Knitscene. The knitting is the plainest of plain stockinette tubes; all the action happens in the finishing. Once I finish Snow White, I'll choose another Earth-themed knit. I have many possibilities.

I have enough of this Yorkshire Tweed 4 ply to knit cardigans for both Mina (green) and me (brown). I thought that Muir would be appropriate, and would use up my handpaintedyarn.com wool lace (the green and brown on the right edge of the basket above). Or there could be a lace camisole, socks, Delicato mitts, or any number of other projects. Way more yarn than time!

I'm also planning to continue the Project Spectrum "diet." During the Fire months, I focused on increasing the whole grains in our kitchen, especially in baking. I added white whole wheat, whole wheat pastry, spelt, oat, and amaranth flours to our pantry and quit using refined white flour altogether (except in homemade play dough!). I also experimented with pearl barley and amaranth in cooking, and tried quite a few new recipes with fiery ingredients. For Earth, my focus will be on vegetables. Our local farmer's market opens this weekend, and I'm hoping to make a habit of Saturday morning visits (besides, there's yarn there!). I would love to garden this year, but until I can find someone to help me build planter boxes that is just a dream. Maybe a container of greens, at least.

Speaking of Earth, did anyone participate in Earth Hour on Saturday? The girlie was in bed by that time and J works Saturday nights, so I observed it alone. It was actually quite nice to have the house so quiet and lit only by a few candles. The candlelight was enough for me to read by, but not to knit anything complex. I spent the time writing a little bit and then reading a novel that I'll write about here soon - I appear to be on a bit of a Japanese literature kick. Anyway, it was a pleasant hour and I almost didn't want to turn the lights on when it was over. (The need to knit won out eventually, though.) I may try to do this regularly as another way to acknowledge Earth during this phase of Project Spectrum.

Happy April, everyone. I think Spring is finally coming!


marycatharine said...

That's a lot of earth yarn you have there. Do you have plans for metallic? I did Earth Hour but it's fully dark up here at that point in the day so I just went to bed early :)

Lucette said...

That is a lot of yarn, and a great photo.