Saturday, April 05, 2008


After the last few posts showing all my unfinished projects and my larger than really necessary stash of green and brown yarn, you didn't think I could possibly buy yet more green yarn and start yet another project, did you? I didn't think so. I didn't plan to. Really. It's just that when Suvi S./villapeikkoa posted this photo on Flickr about a month ago, I instantly fell in love with her sweater design. I looked at it on Ravelry every so often and wondered if she would write up the pattern. I had just been admiring it again on Friday morning, and lo and behold it appeared in the pattern browser that afternoon. Global Warming is a free pattern, written up in one size only, which (lucky me!) happens to be precisely my size. It was fate, I tell you. I rushed directly to the LYS after work, toddler in tow, hoping for some Cascade 220 in a pale aqua or spring green heather. I couldn't find anything in the colors I was imagining, but I was still so determined to start this sweater immediately that I settled for some emerald green heather Lamb's Pride Superwash. This stuff is GREEN.

I swatched, got gauge on 4's (3.5mm), cast on, and started knitting. As fast as I could. I don't think I've ever gone this quickly from the "ooh, great pattern!" stage to the work-in-progress stage - this is really a first.

I know these pictures aren't much to look at yet, but I think this sweater will go quickly. I've already begun the waist shaping. The green is a bit off in my pictures as well. I got it as close as I could in my photo software, but it isn't quite right. I was trying to think of what to compare it to earlier today while Mina and I were watching The Little Mermaid and I realized it is almost exactly the color of Ariel's tail, except heathery. Ha! It's really a perfect Project Spectrum color, and I think a good choice for a sweater called Global Warming. I admire the designer's cleverness with the name, and I think it's a perfect PS project. (Peeking at her blog today to link it, I see that she just finished the exact cardigan that I spent two days obsessing over until Global Warming distracted me. Synchronicity!)

Today was opening day for our local farmer's market, so Mina and I headed downtown this morning. We stopped at the aquarium store and the feed & seed/pet store so Mina could visit all her animal friends. She loves the feed & seed's resident rats, bunnies, and guinea pigs and the kitties waiting for adoption that the alternative humane society brings in to the store, and she likes to wander around the tropical fish section of the aquarium shop. We tried to go to the market after that, but there was so much noise and commotion that she freaked out a little. We're having issues with shyness right now, so she spent the whole time with her hands over her eyes, saying "bye bye! bye bye!" We managed one quick tour through the booths, enough to see that there are hardly any vegetables yet. Just a few pale carrots and green onions. I managed to pet a couple skeins of Spincycle but Mina was really freaking out by that time so we left. (That red capelet on their site's front page was on display, and oh my was it gorgeous! That photo doesn't do it justice.)

It seemed like nearly everyone at the crowded market today was wearing at least one handknit, it was amazing. I felt like such a slacker - Mina and I had not a single knit between us. What kind of self-proclaimed scarf lover am I if I can go about town without one? I'm hoping to have my Global Warming sweater done by next weekend. The plan is to visit the market every week, both to buy veggies and to help Mina get used to being around people. Hopefully it will be another good day for knit-spotting. I wish I'd been able to take pictures today. I saw some great knits and some inspirational color combinations and outfits - people here have a quirky and recognizable style that has probably influenced me more than I realize, having lived here so long. Today I was inspired to sew some skirts and mix some bold colors, like the teal skirt and burgundy tights combination I saw, or the white skirt with black tights, black and white patterned knee socks, and rollerskates(!) with red wheels. My deep emerald sweater is a good start, I think. The color makes me happy. So do my new shoes:

This is the first pair of All Stars I've bought since 1992! The last pair was a dusty plum color and lasted for 10 years. I'm hoping these ones last too, because I love them so much. Skulls with butterfly wings! Is it just me or do their sizes run larger now? I swear my last pair was a half size bigger. Anyway, I'll end with that - what a long and rambling post. Have a great rest of your weekend, everyone!


villapeikko said...

I hope you'll enjoy the pattern and if you have any questions at all, feel free to ask! I'm so exited that you're knitting this and can't wait to see the finished sweater! :-)

I added some notes about raglan decreases to the pattern page on Ravelry, because the pattern doesn’t tell you how many raglan decreases you should make.

LizKnits said...

Those shoes are too cute! Good luck with the new sweater. I love it when I'm so enthusiastic to start a new sweater -- hope this one lives up to your excitement.

soknitpicky said...

That is a cute pattern! Can't wait to see how your sweater looks. I love the shoes, too. Did you know Converse makes some with sheep too? A woman in my knitting group has a pair :-)