Sunday, April 13, 2008


What is the term, is it entropy? You know, the example of the rollercoaster car at the top of the slope, just at the point of careening downward, but for a moment it sits there with all its energy stored, potential but not yet action? Before I typed all that out it seemed like that was the perfect metaphor for the motion of this sweater, but really that's not quite right. More perfect is the cliché "one step forward, two steps back." If you know what I mean.

I don't know how many more times I can show you a green blob and get away with it. And lest anyone think this pattern is difficult and get scared off, please know that everything you are about to read here can be attributed to user error. The pattern, as it is, has nothing at all wrong with it. It assumes you have knit a raglan sweater before, which I have, or at least that you can look up and understand how to do so, which any knitter can do. It also assumes that you actually READ THE PATTERN, which I, apparently, did not.

So, last we met, I was about to frog my sleeve and decrease progress. It was about one night's worth of work. I have done a raglan sweater before. Five, actually. All were top down, so I was dealing with increases rather than decreases. Going about it from the other direction isn't harder at all, I just didn't think about it before I started. So, my decreases went ssk, slip marker, k2tog. While technically that would have gotten the job done, it left gaps and general untidiness that would have ensured that I never wore the sweater. So, I started again, this time doing ssk, k1, sm, k1, k2tog. Much better!

I knit merrily along my way, watching way too much crime drama and paying way too little attention to what the pattern said. I thought the sleeves were getting awfully big. Wow, I thought, this is going to be some serious puff! I double checked the pattern to find that I was supposed to stop the sleeve increases (for the puffy) after seven increase rounds. I had done thirteen. Double the puff! That would have been just ridiculous, so I ripped again - fourteen long, long rounds.

Again, I knit merrily along with more crime drama for company, until I realized I had missed a decrease a few rows below. I tried to get all tricksy with the dropping down and picking back up of stitches, incorporating the missed decrease along the way, but only messed it up further. I want to actually wear this thing, you know? This time, it was only three rounds. So I tinked, stitch by stitch. Yes, that takes forever. But I'm knitting with one of the splittiest wools known to knitter, and trying to get five million stitches back onto the needle after ripping would take longer. I knew that, because I'd done it twice already. Argh.

All is well now. I've done eleven raglan decreases, so I'm nearing the end. I surprise myself with my focus on this project. I haven't touched any other knitting since April 3rd. During a slow period on Thursday afternoon, I came up with a sweater design that I was so excited about I immediately ordered the yarn to make it. My order arrived with Saturday morning's mail (I love Elann, they are always so fast!), and as soon as Global Warming is done I'll start working on my first pattern. I'm not forgetting about my other projects, especially Snow White. I'm lucky, I guess, to live in the land of long, chilly springs, so I should still be able to finish it in time to wear before summer. It's a little scary how much of my time is spent thinking about sweaters. I've always loved sweaters, even before I was a knitter. But now, wow. I found a good one for tomorrow's Sweater of the Week (link may not work until the morning of April 14, 6:something Pacific time!) too. I'm pretty excited about it. Yet more to knit!

Edit 4/14/08: 1) I realized it's inertia, not entropy. 2)I'll be ripping again tonight.


villapeikko said...

I'm so sorry you've had hard time with this sweater and I really hope it works out for you!

It reminded me of my Baby Doll Dress I'm crocheting right now :) It's looking good finally (and I hope it stays so).

LizKnits said...

Hmmm... does ripping build character? The color is looking great. It sounds like you don't need the encouragement, but stick with it. I bet it's going to be great!