Monday, May 19, 2008

earth ATC's

These little ATC's are winging their way across the country toward my swap partners for the Project Spectrum 3: Earth ATC swap. I was late finishing them, and once they were done I admit that I held onto them for a couple of extra days to wait for enough light to get a good picture, and because I liked them so much.

These are my first fabric ATC's, and they are entirely hand stitched. I wanted a rustic, earthy look to go with the theme. I used some cotton/linen blend fabric for the background, an embroidery transfer from Sublime Stitching (the book at the bottom), cotton embroidery floss, this alphabet set in the "teeny tiny" size, pigment ink, and metallic copper thread. The earth labels are made from the same fabric dyed with tea.

The stitched fabric is sewn onto ATC-sized cardstock with a layer of cotton flannel as a sort of batting to give a small amount of cushion. The result was wonderfully textural and soft, and so nice to hold. Before these were even out the door, I had started two more. They are time consuming but so worth it! This time around I'm taking pictures of the process so I'll have a little tutorial to share soon.

I had a busy weekend of the best sort - time spent with Mina in the sun, cooking good food, gardening, sewing, sketching practice, more embroidery, and general stuff around the house that felt good to finally accomplish. I fit in a little knitting here and there, too. My wrist is much better, but I'm still taking it easy; for instance, gardening is only undertaken with a brace on each wrist and gloves over the top of that, which looks silly and makes me think of giant robot hands. I just made a huge pan of vegan brownies for my work study student's birthday tomorrow, the house smells divine, and my husband just gave me a 10 minute long explanation/mime of how he climbs up and down the ladder to the loft while carrying various objects, which was way funnier than it sounds (though I don't think he realized it). I'm happy the long summer days are near, bringing me better humor and better energy.


marycatharine said...

ATC's in fabric are such a good idea and of course yours are gorgeous. The little leaves are so pretty and delicate. I hope your wrist keeps getting better.

LizKnits said...

Those really are lovely. Looks like you've got two very lucky swap partners.

PinkPorcupine said...

Those are so pretty!

little red hen said...

your embroidery is so very neat, small and regular!