Sunday, May 11, 2008

mostly quiet

It's been a mostly quiet day at home today, which is much appreciated. Besides Mother's Day, it is also J's birthday. I went out early for lattes. He gave me a small gift (which is really as much for him as it is for me), the new Portishead album. Mina is still recovering and spent most of the day lying on the sofa, even napping there for several hours in the afternoon. We read lots of books, and I worked on my current little project.

I had forgotten how much I like simple embroidery. I am very much a beginner, and basic split stitch is all I know how to do. It is enough, though, to outline the simple patterns that please me. I love choosing colors and the feel of the fabric in my hands. These little leaves are stitched on a linen and cotton blend and are meant for ATC's. The bright greens I was using reminded me of the maple tree outside our back door.

This is the same tree as the one in my blog header. I don't think it ever has an unobtrusive color - fiery orange-red in the autumn, chartreuse in the spring. Just before the leaves unfurl, the bud casings turn a bright candy pink. I missed getting a photo of that stage a couple of weeks ago.

We decided to have dinner at home for our joint celebration, rather than fight the crowds at the restaurants. Mina and I saw a picture of slices of pie in one of her books this morning, so we decided we should have a berry pie.

It was overcast today, but I liked the light coming through my kitchen window as I worked. I also made oven roasted yukon gold potatoes and grilled pizzas. Now I'm full and sleepy, and very happy that I have the day off tomorrow. Quiet days at home are exactly what I need right now.

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