Tuesday, May 27, 2008

weekend projects

Knitting is still slow around here. Sweater bodies are normally the fastest-knitting project for me, but I'm only about halfway up the torso of my lace cami.

I guess smaller projects have been more my speed lately. That, and a wider variety of movements helps keep my wrist from cracking and aching. Last week I picked up a copy of the new-ish book Uncommon Crochet as an antidote to my disappointing day, and found quite a few quick, appealing projects. I chose the Geometric Pincushion pattern for my first project. I've been needing a new pincushion for a really, really long time. The one I was using...well, look.

This was my very first sewing project as an 8-year-old 4-H kid. It is, in case you couldn't tell, the classic tomato-shaped pincushion, made from acrylic felt, endearingly wonky stitches, and missing its green acrylic yarn leaves. Poor thing. It would still work fine as a pincushion if it didn't roll around and if needles and small-headed pins didn't disappear inside it only to prick your finger when they work their way out the other side. It was definitely time for an upgrade.

This one used just a tiny bit of dishcloth cotton, a small circle cut from a fat quarter, and a bit of twill tape I had lying around. I made the round version; there are also oval, square, and triangle patterns. The book recommends putting a piece of plastic canvas in the base to help hold the shape. I didn't have any plastic canvas and didn't want to use cardboard in case it somehow gets wet (you never know), but the lid from a baby food jar was the perfect size so that's what's in there. (We're way beyond baby food of course, but I saved all the jars! Need any? I have a ton.) I gave my new pincushion a test run yesterday when I made another quick little skirt for Mina. I'll get them both photographed soon.

The rest of the weekend was spent cleaning up the big back porch, attending a barbeque, and planting tomatoes, peppers, and a few ornamental plants. As soon as I had a pleasant outdoor space, it got chilly and rainy again, of course, but that's to be expected at this time of year where I live. I also made more pancakes (pancakes are a constant in this house) and came up with a vegan taco filling which came out way better than I expected for my first time cooking with TVP. Also, I finally rented The Golden Compass last night. I was a little skeptical before watching it since it's one of my favorite books, but I think they did a pretty good job. And now I want to knit a Golden Compass Hat.

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marycatharine said...

Sounds like you had a busy weekend. That pincushion is so cute and practical.