Monday, June 09, 2008


The other day I wrote how I wasn't ready to move on to the Air phase of Project Spectrum 3. Yesterday, though, I was suddenly compelled to completely clean and rearrange the living room. At our house, the living room is really for living - we have a very small space, and out of necessity do everything in that room. Books, laptops, stash, movies, toys - it's all in one small space. It's much nicer now, airier, I guess, and more useful. This project took me most of the day, and in the process I decided to "air out" and reorganize the stash, including switching the yarn in the inspiration basket from earth to air.

I have a lot of possibilities here, and this doesn't even include the various smoky gray/purple yarn or the Snow White sweater and Lace Ribbon scarf already in progress. My knitting baskets and tools moved to a different corner of the room, and their new arrangement makes them seem almost decorative.

Inspired by all gray and white (and with sore hands from knitting with cotton) I did some work on Snow White last night. I had finished the main body knitting when I set it aside, so last night I worked on the first sleeve while watching Frida. It's still so cold here that if I finished it within the next week or so I'd probably still be able to wear it. I know me and sleeves though (we aren't friends), so I'm not counting on it. But, I'll have a lovely new sweater ready for fall.

I also finished my cowl, but there are a couple of issues. One, it's a bit bigger than I wanted, and two, I can't photograph it clearly to save my life.

Here it is laid out flat. The color is not accurate. This is Colinette Jitterbug in Castagna, which is a gorgeous, rich mix of chestnut, plum, olive, ivory, and smoky pale mauve. (At least my skein is. They vary). You can sort of see the pattern in this, but overall I think the colorway has too much going on for the lace. It is better in person though.

Here it is on me, hanging down more in the front than I wanted, even after careful arrangement in back. It's still wearable though, and I did wear it around on Saturday. I found a way to fold it over in the front that brings it up around my neck the way I wanted. The color is a little closer in this one, but dark. I might try blocking it more severely. I gave it the very lightest of steam blocks, because this lace is very stretchy and I could tell a hard block would make it grow a lot. But, I'm wondering now if a good blocking would stretch it enough that I could twist it double and wear it closer to my neck. I haven't decided yet. I may also knit it again in a tweed - I've got a lone ball of Elsebeth Lavold Silky Wool in that basket of yarn you see above, and I also have a failed neckwarmer in Rowan Felted Tweed that needs to be frogged and repurposed. We'll see.

I have more house organizing/airing planned for the week, more knitting on my in-progress sweaters, and who knows what else. I'm sort of a go with the flow kind of girl.


LizKnits said...

That basket looks just full of inspiration! Have fun with the new season.

Sam said...

Ah, spring cleaning even though we seem to be stuck in winter. I really need to do some of it myself. If only you could have a basket of inspiration for cleaning.

marycatharine said...

The shades of grey and white in your inspiration basket are wonderful. I can't wait to see what come off your needles.

Getting perfect pictures of knitting seems almost impossible. I keep looking at everyone's cowls and think I need to knit one for myself. The texture in yours looks really nice and adds a lot of interest.

Lolly said...

I really like your theme of "airing out". Definitely a good thing. Your inspiration basket is also a great idea. Beautiful palette of yarns you have to work with! I think the cowl is beautiful too - amazing textures.

Monique said...

lovely greys there, and in so many different types and weights. Looks like it could be fun to figure out some projects for them. WHY oh why can't we knit FASTER?!?!

mel said...

Your cowl is pretty - I love the stitch pattern. I bet it would look lovely in a tweed - And you've intrigued me - I want to hunt down that colorway and see it in real life!

I so enjoy the inspiration of Project Spectrum - your basket of colors is such a great idea.