Sunday, June 22, 2008

summer hopeful

Another solstice, and another season begins. Although it still doesn't feel like summer here, I'm holding out hope that the weather will change soon (and refusing to look at the depressing forecasts). Yesterday it was warm, oppressively cloudy and humid. Today was the opposite - bright, clear, cool and windy. I've only lately come to realize how much the weather affects my energy and mood. As the day grew darker yesterday and the air felt heavier, I developed a migraine. Oh well. It didn't ruin the weekend. Not by far. A trip to the farmer's market for fresh veggies and fresh yarn, finishing a project, lots of cooking and baking, an afternoon at the park at low tide, and a quiet evening with the tired-out kiddo already asleep on the couch next to me - it's been good.

Yes, I did finish a project! My lace camisole is off the needles and on me. As soon as the ends were woven in I tried it on, and I haven't taken it off yet. It needs blocking, but I don't care. I like it.

This is the Lace Nightie by Carrie Bostick Hoge from last spring's Interweave Knits (Ravelry link or pattern PDF). I used about 3.5 balls of Paton's Grace in taupe on size 2.5 needles (yes, I knit loosely!). I made the smallest size and added a couple of inches in length so it would reach to the low hip. The pattern only gives three size options - 29, 37, and 45 inches. Although it says this is the bust measurement, because the cami has a very low back this corresponds more closely to the underbust measurement. I didn't realize this when I began, or I probably would have done something to size it down slightly. You need a bit of negative ease to keep the back from sagging down, and the smallest size gives me one inch of positive ease at the underbust. You can see how the back rolls down in the photo.

I had adjusted it just prior to having the photos taken, so it's not too bad here, but you can still see a bit of sag. You can also see most of the 62 inches of i-cord that make up the straps - the front straps are 11 inches and the back ones are 20. I-cord drives me crazy, but it wasn't nearly as bad as I expected. I'm pleased with how it turned out, even with the gaping at the back, and I know I'll actually wear this. This is the first garment I've made in a color (or, well, non-color) I really wear.

Jamie took these photos for me today at a park about a mile from our house. I never check the tide table before we go, so today we were surprised with a much lower than usual low tide. Where I am standing in these pictures is usually several feet under water, even when the tide is out. It was weird to be able to stand under the boardwalk, and Jamie got some good shots of the barnacle covered pilings (I'll link that as soon as he gets it on Flickr) here. It was also very windy, even for here, and the park was full of kite fliers.

These were just a few of them. Mina looks like she's not having a very good time in this picture. I think it was just because of the bright sun. She was a little timid about standing on this rock (about two feet off the ground, with a perfectly flat top) but she got over it. The funny skirt she's wearing is one that I made recently from a bit of cotton gauze left from Jamie's Captain Jack Sparrow costume from Halloween 2002 (I think it was the headscarf, or what was left after we made the headscarf). Just two seams, a hem, and an elastic waist - nothing to it. It's nice and twirly for dancing, though.

Tomorrow or sometime this week I'll show you my new yummy yarn and share my weekend cooking - it was a particularly good weekend for that, I guess. I'm feeling sleepy and maybe slightly sunburned, and this post is long enough. Happy Summer!


Ink and Indigo said...

Looks beautiful! Perfect summerwear. And you finished it a lot quicker than I would have ;)

Monique said...

It IS a perfect summer project, and I love the tie action. I don't blame you for wearing it every day!

marycatharine said...

Is that tank ever pretty and it looks fantastic on you. I love the picture of Mina with the kites... perfect start to summer.

mel said...

Beautiful - I love this cami! The perfect shade of chocolate too, very flattering (an earth project? I love your project spectrum inspiration) And that picture of your daughter with the kites is incredible.

Vicki said...

I really love your work! The top looks great on you!

Happy summer solstice :-)

Emily said...

Great-looking cami! Congrats.

Lolly said...

how pretty! i really like the back. great piece for these hot days! and very nice photos too :) enjoy it!

Sam said...

The cami looks great on you! Nice to finally have some sunshine so you can wear it.