Thursday, June 12, 2008


For the last two phases of Project Spectrum 3, I've gone through my art supplies and pulled out everything that fell within the color triad. I keep the supplies in jars and bowls at my artmaking end of the kitchen counter, just sitting there for inspiration. I didn't do that with air. I knew there wouldn't be much to gather besides white paper and gray graphite pencils. The only yellows I have came in sets, like the watercolors above. I started doodling with the waterbrush a couple of nights ago, just to see what it was like to purposely choose to use yellow.

Yellow has always been my least favorite color. Or maybe orange is. I'm not sure. While the warmth of yellow (amber) and orange (citrus) scents are among my favorites, I'd rather not look at the colors too much. The house we are living in now has some yellow and orange walls, carefully planned and painted by the owner, who lived here before she rented it to us. Still in love with her first house, she asked us not to repaint for the first year. I learned to live with the colors, and in the winter to kind of like them. Going into our third year here and given the go-ahead to repaint if we wish, I'm having trouble choosing new colors.

Two knitting patterns I have been looking at recently were knit in earthy yellow ochre colors by the designers, and I'm having trouble choosing alternative colors for myself. They both seem perfect as they are!

On the left is Hew, by Canary Sanctuary, and on the right is Chrysalis, by Melinda Hunt for Sanguine Gryphon. Two more projects to contemplate and add to my long queue! I never thought I'd actually want to buy yellow yarn, but these make me want to.

I'm still working on Snow White and the lace camisole, slowly but surely. I have an event I'd like the cami finished for, so I do have a self-imposed deadline. We'll see - if you've read here much you probably realize that I'm not very good at focusing on one thing for long. There are just SO MANY things I want to do!


Jessica said...

I always hated orange, too, and then I accidentally fell in love with a burnt orange bedspread (the background of my blog header). I'd still never wear it--those warm yellowy colors make me look awful--but I've come to appreciate the color in itself.

marycatharine said...

I have problems using both yellow and orange too, they stand out so much it bothers me. Both of those patterns are fantastic inspiration.

mel said...

Hey, There I am :) I put you in my feeder so I could keep up with you! Weird (but nice) to see myself on someone else's page! Thanks again Meg, I am so glad you like it.

Orange is NOT a color I ever saw my self using or falling in love with. It started with a paint chip, & ended up on my walls even though the first few strokes were very very scary, and then, it grew on me. That's now my favorite room in the house. Then there was some bright-bright orange/yellow hand dyed roving that I had to have. The roving became the yarn that became the prototype for this wrap! Gryphon sent me the Gaia in a close color and then the prototype became socks :) I never thought I would wear this color even still, but it was very hard to send the sample away! As a knitter, I've come to love several colors that I never liked and NEVER would have worn - I was always a neutral girl - I can wear black brown tan white etc w/out worrying if I match ;) But now, orange, lavender, blue, etc. I appreciate color in general now in a way I never did before. And I'm totally monopolizing your comments with what could be a post of it's own - sorry!

Emily said...

You know, I never much liked yellow until recently, but it's rapidly - almost alarmingly - grown on me over the past year or so. I recently did a major shawl pattern in VIBRANT yellow lace, and knitting with it during the long, grey winter was so lovely and cheering. Anyway, here's to experimentation!

little red hen said...

What a delicious paint box. I actually have yellow walls too but it was my choice, I know it can be difficult to get just the right shade without it looking like a gelato ice-cream or alarmingly bright but luckily mine work well and they actually support many other colour schemes in the furnishings and paintings so I can change the room without having to repaint. The only time I get bored is with my decor!