Friday, July 25, 2008

air atc's

My partners have finally received their ATC's for the Project Spectrum 3 Air swap, so I am safe to show these off now. I don't like to ruin surprises!

The method I used for my Earth atc's was so much fun and I liked the result so much that I wanted to do something similar. This time the embroidery pattern came from Stitchy Britches. I chose three birds from this border and traced them with a heat transfer pencil, then arranged them on my atc outline. I used the same cotton/linen fabric as last time. Although I loved the earth labels I made before, adding a label to these seemed too heavy for air, so I just went with a freehand swirl in silver thread. I also added tiny seed beads for the eyes, because I still haven't mastered the french knot.

Embroidery is very slow for me, each stitch much slower than knitting, and sometimes it is a welcome change of pace. The rhythm is different, the sound is different; it feels comforting, somehow, and I love to watch the design emerging at my fingertips. I have a few small projects ready to work on (kitchen things, mostly), but I am trying to come up with something larger and more unique.

Last night I finished my Snow White - all that is left is to graft the underarms and weave in the few ends that I didn't finish before my mandatory midnight bedtime. I had to try it on, of course, to assure myself that it fits. My yarn relaxes and stretches out after a good soak, and I had to remind myself of that because oof, is that sweater tight right now! Hopefully it will go into its water bath tonight and be camera ready by Sunday, which means that I have two sweaters to photograph this weekend! Time to choose which one to knit next.


Jessica said...

Those are beautiful. Once upon a time I was pretty good at embroidery, but I put it down because the patterns just didn't appeal. You're inspiring me to reconsider.

marycatharine said...

Those birdies are wonderful. The swirl of air is such a fantastic touch.