Tuesday, July 22, 2008

breaking radio silence

Hi there. It looks like I've been taking an unplanned blogging break, so I'm just popping in here to say hello. The blog has been quiet but life has not; I have plenty of things to share once I get some photos taken and edited. I've been doing lots of knitting, some embroidery, and even beading, along with the usual summer activities - farmer's market Saturdays, walks with the kiddo, family days at the park or taking drives, as well as plenty of relaxing.

This is a test knit for Sam of Knitquest. The Pacific Diamond scarf pattern should be available on her patterns page soon. The yarn I'm using is Socks That Shine merino/tencel blend from Some Assembly Required/Socks that Fit. I think it is perfect for lace - very subtly variegated, smooth, and shiny.

I've also finished my bamboo camisole. This is a horribly blurry picture, taken just after grafting the shoulder straps but before adding the picot edge to the neck and finishing.

I'll get some help with good photos hopefully over the coming weekend. The picot edge helps the neckline a lot, and blocking opened up the lace at the bottom. Bamboo stretches a lot though, and after a few hours of wear my cami is no longer fitted like it appears in this picture. It's now quite loose and flowing, which is still a good look. But it's a very, very good thing that I wore another camisole underneath it when I left the house on Sunday afternoon.

I've also started a sweater for Mina and picked up Snow White again. I attached the sleeves last night and began the shoulder shaping, so I should have a finished sweater soon. Hopefully very soon - I've become obsessed with patterns for several other sweaters and a skirt, but must finish a few things first!


PinkPorcupine said...

Yay! The scarf looks great! And so does the top! I wish I could knit something fast and wearable as you can! :)

marycatharine said...

I've been admiring your scarf since it popped up on Ravelry, pretty.