Tuesday, July 01, 2008

an introduction

It seems a little funny to be putting an introduction here, two years into my blog, but also kind of nice, since I know there are actually people out there reading now. Besides, this is Project #1 for the Farmgirl Hencircle, which I'm pretty excited about. So here we go.

First of all, what is a farmgirl? Eliza has answered that very well right here, so I'll refer you there. And why do I want to nourish my inner farmgirl? To me, the idea of the "farmgirl" brings together a lot of things I've been thinking about lately as I try to create the sort of life I want to live and share with my family. Back when I started this blog, I wrote about my purpose and hopes for it, and that short description is still 100% true today:

What is Everyday Autumn?

Every year in the fall I get energized. I want to make things, write things, cook, and bake. I start lighting candles and brewing tea. I have a million new ideas. I research, plan, scheme, and do. I learn new crafts and skills. But why just in the autumn? I want to bring more of my autumn self into my life every day, and here is where I will share it all.

And who am I? I'm Megan. I live in Northwest Washington, in a place where land meets water, where the natural boundaries of mountains, ocean, and streams divide the land, and an arbitrary political boundary divides countries. I haven't always lived here. I grew up in North Idaho, in a family full of sisters, on a small plot of land in a small town. I was a 4-H kid, always working on projects in sewing, cooking, sheep raising, spinning, quilting, cross stitch, photography, and anything else that caught my interest. Our family had a huge vegetable garden and small orchard. I can remember bountiful summer days when we sat down to dinner and realized that everything on our table was the product of our own gardening or gathering. It wasn't always like that, but the memories are good.

I went away to college, here, and spent a lot of time in my 20's trying to hide my Idaho roots and show how urban and sophisticated I really was. My craftiness was limited to making Halloween costumes, theme party decorations, a small backyard garden, and my journal. At the same time, I was majoring in environmental studies and literature, so I spent a lot of time thinking about global sustainability and individual expression and trying to work out ways to combine what felt like disparate things into one identity and purpose.

In late 2001, feeling angry and disillusioned with the world, I did two things. Well, three. After reading every fantasy novel in my house during September and October, I taught myself to crochet and I started transforming my written diaries into art journals. The crochet didn't stick, but the art journals did, for several years. Then in January 2005, I learned to knit. Knitting has since become my primary craft love and obsession. However, I also sew, embroider, crochet, and do a little paper art and bookbinding now and then.

Since moving back to Bellingham (for the third time) four years ago, I've come to a clearer realization of how I want to live my life and especially what I want to share with my daughter. I identified the following list in my journal several months ago, as sort of a culmination of what I've been thinking about over the last few years. It just so happens that my list fits very nicely with the philosophy of the Farmgirl.

  • sustainability, green living
  • creativity, art, craft, the handmade
  • good food - vegetarian, organic, whole, local
  • community - supporting local businesses, making connections
  • family
  • learning
So, there it is. Why I want to be a farmgirl. I'm excited to meet the rest of you and see what kinds of amazing things we'll do.


Shelley said...

Hi Meg,
Nice to meet you. Autumn has always been my favorite season. Thanks for sharing a bit about yourself. I am so glad you joined in. What a great group.

Cheeky Red Head said...

SO very nice to meet you.

TNTknits said...

Megan, I love your goals, and I can't wait to see how they take shape. BTW, autumn is my favorite season, too. :)

Lolly said...

i had no idea what this was about, but I really enjoyed reading this and getting to know you better :)

Josie said...

I found your blog while flitting through Ravelry and have been reading for a month or two. It's nice to meet you!

mel said...

Awesome. You'll make a terrific farmgirl!! I love your story and it reminds me a lot of my own childhood. Very cool!