Monday, August 18, 2008

catching up

Trying to jump back into regular life, both in the physical world and online, is always challenging after some time away. But, after a week of vacation, a lingering cold, and a much needed break from the computer, I'm working on it. I still have finished sweaters to photograph, and new projects to talk about. I started several new things just before my vacation, but worked on nothing while I was gone. I think I knit about four rounds of a sock.

On the beach at Grayland

Kite flying at Grayland

We spent a few days camping on the coast and exploring the Olympic Peninsula. There are so many amazing things to see within a few hours' drive from our home. I can't believe it took me this many years to make a visit to the peninsula, but now that I've done a quick tour I'm definitely planning to go back. We camped at Grayland Beach State Park, just south of Westport on Washington's Cranberry Coast, and then drove north up Highway 101, visiting Lake Quinault and Kalaloch and spending a night in Port Townsend. There are many more beaches I hope to visit, rainforests to explore, and so many other things to see.

Painting at Kalaloch

Several handknits were put to good use on the coast - I wore my Duchess Raglan (in the photo above) almost constantly, adding my alpaca Flower Petal Shawl in the evenings. Mina wore her Swing Thing in the cool mornings and evenings, and one of the skirts I made at the beginning of the summer (top two photos show the skirt).

Evening at the campsite

Before we left, I had been working on several sweaters and the long lacy gloves I started awhile ago. I made some good progress on Lily, from the new Twist Collective. This was my first experience with bobbles. At first they slowed me down quite a lot, but it got easier as I went along. I reworked the rate of the decreases and increases for the waist shaping to end up with a larger waist measurement than the 2XS size I'm knitting provides (24 inch waist?!?). It took me quite awhile to figure it out, and when I was finally done I remembered the Knitting Daily waist shaping calculator that would have saved me all that trouble. Oh well, it was good practice, I guess.

I'm using some RYC Cashsoft DK I had in my stash, and I think it's working out very nicely. I'm ready to start the second half of the shaping, which uses two lifted increases I've never tried before. Fortunately, Knotions has a tutorial on these so I should be fine. I have several other projects on the go and a few I'm itching to start, so there should be more to share soon. In the meantime I'll be trying to catch up on reading everyone's blogs, posting to the Chum, and all the usual activity of daily life. I'll be back soon.


marycatharine said...

You and Mina look so beautiful in all of the photos. Don't you just love wearing things you made yourself?

lekkercraft said...

Sometimes you need a break from knitting too :) It looks like a lovely vacation - I wish I could get my feet wet in that water, too! Glad to hear you had a nice time.

sam said...

Sounds like a great time. You've inspired me to get out to the peninsula myself.