Saturday, October 11, 2008

not quite

Does Ingenue look finished to you?

Yeah, me neither. This proves that under normal circumstances, I cannot actually finish a sweater in under a week. It was a good experiment, though.

I am still planning to see Wendy Bernard this evening, but I won't be wearing this sweater. That's ok. I have a backup.

Snow White has been finished for months, but I haven't shown you yet, have I? I had been planning to take two or three inches off the bottom, but after wearing the sweater for a day I decided against it. Overall I really like this sweater - the yarn (RYC Cashsoft Aran) is soft, the design is lovely. It is very tight though. It has to be a high confidence day for me to feel good in it. I also wish there was just a bit of extra room in the armholes. I tend to tug at them throughout the day, and the tight armholes combined with super-clingy ribbing wears on me after a while. I heave a sigh of relief when I take the sweater off. But, that doesn't mean I dislike it! Now that the temperatures have dropped (it dipped below freezing last night!) I'll be wearing this quite a bit. Including this evening.


LizKnits said...

WOW... your snow white looks fab. I wouldn't be too worried about the unfinished sweater with such a great substitute in place!

lekkercraft said...

Wow, that's still a lot of knitting in one week, though! And Snow White looks great on you :)

Viktoria said...

wow! your snow white is lovely!