Tuesday, October 07, 2008

progress report

As of 5:30 p.m. Tuesday, Ingenue looks like this:

Normally I would consider this excellent progress. I began knitting late Saturday afternoon, giving myself a deadline of one week later. I'm planning to see Wendy Bernard when she visits Third Place Books in Seattle to sign Custom Knits, and I decided it would be fun to wear one of her designs when I go. One week isn't unreasonable, right? Then this afternoon I remembered that I'm going to need time for the sweater to dry before Saturday afternoon, which in this rainy season really means that I need to be finished knitting on Thursday night. In order to do that I would need to finish the body of the sweater tonight, and then knit one sleeve over each of the next two days. Since I can't really neglect my job or my family, that leaves just three evenings over which to knit... a lot. Really a lot.

Some pluses and minuses: 1) I knit sweater bodies quickly. My fastest knit of all. 2) Sleeves are slow. 3) The ridge stitch at the collar, hem and cuffs is slow. 4) I can probably get Mina to sleep relatively early this evening, leaving several hours of uninterrupted knit time.

We'll see. At this point I'm a little skeptical that I'll be able to finish in time, but I'll definitely try my best. There's nothing like a crazy deadline to make me focus and get things done, and after my last post it should be fairly obvious that I'm generally lacking focus (big time).

Enough analysis, I need to get busy!

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