Tuesday, December 02, 2008

colors, and ambitious ideas

I was staring at my Ravelry projects page, sort of spacing out, and realized that all of my projects over the past few months have fallen into a single color scheme. Not one color, but I definitely have a purple/gray/cream/beige/soft blue thing going on.

The weird thing is that these are not all for me, either. Oh well.

I tell myself every year that I am not going to knit Christmas gifts because it's too stressful trying to finish them in time. Then December rolls around and I decide that it is even more stressful to try to shop for everyone, and I decide that making things is a much better idea, fitting in with my philosophy of living and of the holidays. So here I am, starting little projects right and left. I'm not knitting for everyone, and I did downscale some of my ideas (from afghan to scarf, for instance), so I think it is feasible. We'll see.

December is so dark here, I am tempted to call in sick and and stay home to knit in my pajamas all day long rather than leave the house.


Ellen Bloom said...

Maybe you've unconsciously chosen the cool colors of winter. Everything looks great! You can always issue IOU's for the unfinished gifts.

My ravelry page has everything in orange, green and brown!
"ellblo" on rav

marycatharine said...

Those colours look so wonderful together. They remind me of walks on crisp winter days.